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  1. What major parts are missing?Grill, radiator and what else
  2. Wow, you sure don’t see too many of those around! It’s going to be a head turner for sure.
  3. Hi , ya I’m interested where are you located? My number is(734) 307-8490 give me a call Thanks, Rob
  4. I’m looking for a 1934/35 T5 dodge engine, any leads?
  5. Trying to find a rebuildable T5 Dodge engine. Will settle for a T12 if I can’t locate a T5. Thanks, Rob
  6. I have a 35 dodge kc 1st series with a bad engine. Looking for a rebuildable T5 would probably settle for a T12 if I can’t locate a T5. I’m out of the Detroit area. Thanks, Rob
  7. Don’t know how old ad is , I am interested in your motor and trans
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