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  1. The disassembly continues!!! First off was the bottom bell housing cover with what was a thin metal plate the filled a gap between the bell housing and the bottom of the engine exposing the driven torus...I didn't take a picture of it but definitely had it's fair share of surface corrosion Also, one thing I didn't take a picture of was the road draft tube...it's construction is odd because I haven't seen it depicted on other 303s of this year. Mine has a canister filter right at the bracket which attaches to the bell housing. Others I've seen is just a straight tube with no filter attached ( a revised part perhaps?) I'll look into it more later... Not sure why the photo keeps getting inverted but, whatever! Slowly making progress on removing all 30 off the torus/flywheel mounting bolts. I already loosen the top bolts of the transmission/upper bell housing bolts in preparation to separate the transmission... Excuse the mess! But after a few soft taps the transmission came free of the engine!
  2. Yeah it might be wise to send it out to for rebuild but I'm not sure of any reputable shops that would rebuild the hydramatic. Only one I found online was out in MI. And I'm kinda worried that the throttle valve might've been damaged....the throttle input shaft had what felt like 2 stops and each end of travel and now there's total slop with a odd tight spot half way and there's way more travel in the arm so I must've snagged it pulling the engine out!! I'm sure finding a NOS or similar valve body assembly will be pretty hard but I won't know what's going on until I pop the side cover off and see what's happening
  3. UPDATE!!! well, after a bunch of shouting many an expletives that would make even a well seasoned sailor blush and the unforseen need of removing the radiator support...I have finally....FINALLY,.got the engine out Did I say, FINALLY! Dragged the bugger in to admire the feat that was in the making for many a moons! And something made me chuckle and amazed me at the same time... How on earth did this mount not fail any sooner...it was certainly hanging on by hopes and dreams that for sure! And now you fine people, I shall revel in this accomplishment with a couple of well deserved brewskis and call it a night! Next up on the list will be disconnecting the transmission followed by mounting the engine onto the stand for disassembly 😁
  4. Hey everyone quick update on how things are progressing, slow but it's progress! I've been slowly disconnecting things to make engine removal easier. Dropped the driveshaft and changing out the u joints while I'm there. Even though the "look" ok I'm sure that the grease has all but dried up and disappeared as the u joints had cork gaskets to keep the grease inside. The transmission will need a serious degreasing once pulled out and seeing as it was shifting fine when I had the car running I'm going to pass on rebuilding the transmission. I will, however check and adjust the bands once everything is back together Right now I'm making final preparations and spraying the living daylights out of the front/rear engine mount bolts with Kroil daily so I have a fighting chance to free it from the car. Since I have not seen anywhere on YouTube or anywhere with anyone disassembling a 303 (only seen 324 etc.) I'm debating on making a somewhat "docuseries" of it and have everyone follow along and enjoy! Body wise. The mid and front floor braces will need replacing and I've found someone that fabricates them for the Chevy styleline...I know that they are built on pretty much the same chassis so I'm hoping that they will work?
  5. I'm really curious, how did you go about changing it? The procedure that my Oldsmobile shop manual says kind of freaks me out to be honest!
  6. I just wanted to jump in on this, I too am thinking of converting my Oldsmobile to a 12v system. The main reason being that I don't want my wife to be stranded on the road if the battery somehow quits and no one can jump it if it's a 6v plus possibly adding in A/C in the future. Besides what everyone else is saying here adding in an alternator, a resistor to save your gauges and the bulbs it looks straight forward and there's a ton of info out there to help. But since you'd be starting from scratch it will make everything so much easier since you will be tailoring the electrical system to your exact needs!
  7. Just a very quick update! Although the engine and transmission still sit inside the car. (And probably will for the foreseeable future until I gain some more floorspace to work on the engine!) I've just began to collect a mixture of NORS parts and new parts while at the same time trying not to go overboard since an engine teardown and rebuild may pull up some unexpected things! I must say however I did find a supplier that seems to have a main store on eBay and have the same parts that egge has but far better prices. Their name is falcon global and out of TN if you want to check them out I just bought a new camshaft and I'm very pleased with how it looks! I'll snag some pictures later when I have the chance to!
  8. Pulling the distributor out and realizing I may have found the cleanest part inside the whole engine...well, until the junk from above decided to fall down onto it
  9. Just a quick chime in from my experience with thermocure...I may have done it wrong or just every case is different, but for my block I guess the buildup was just too much and had little effect, although the front water passages that connect to the intake manifold and up to the thermostat weren't "too bad" the back off the block where the block off plates and the ignition wire brackets are were, how I should say... horrific. Best of luck to ya! front water passes through manifold Rear of engine @ block of plate
  10. Coker tires sells a 600/650-18. It's a radial tire with bias ply look for $340 per tire
  11. My credit union was odd...they don't offer auto loans on antique cars but they said because of what would be considered the collateral it be way better to do a personal loan (below 3 percent interest)🤷‍♂️
  12. So I've been looking into replacement parts and browsing through the usual place I look (eBay...) I've been seeing alot of NORS ( New Old Replacement Stock) lately, mainly valves and springs. Now, I found a few supplier that have new "modern" replacement parts and was curious if there's any advantage on those than using NORS. The only thing I could think of that modern valves would have an advantage would possibly be the metallurgy? I suppose if the seats are hardened then it wouldn't matter about the valves. Thoughts?
  13. Just a heads up! You might be waiting awhile to hear back! It took me over 2 months to finally get in touch with them on the regular, they should be pretty good at matching your trim but with mine they had the incorrect pattern so I had to cut out a few sections from my seats so they could match
  14. So I may have figured out at least who made the gaskets! The manufacturer was "Victor Mfg & Gasket company" I've seen some catalogs on ebay and looks like they been around from at least 1910? And was absorbed by Dana which is now Victor Reinz... I have no clue if they were the original supplier for GM though... Just a photo I pulled from eBay for reference...
  15. As promised! I return with some more photos! And boy, these do not disappoint! First up, intake manifold is off! Unfortunately the copper pipe that runs from the intake manifold to the water pump broke...my usual sources to get hard to find parts turned up nothing but fabricating a new one should be nice and easy. I opened up the blank off plates up top and what was hiding under kinda gives me a big indicator on how bad the water jackets are... mmmm....lovely! The intake manifold gaskets are very interesting to me, I've never seen this but perhaps someone can chime in So what it looks like to me is two copper plates with what I'm assuming an asbestos core? At least the part number is plainly visible perhaps someone can find out if this is original or not, so far it looks like no one has opened up the engine... Next up....the valley cover! Seems like 70 years of grime to me though some odd stuff hiding up in the far corner of the distributor shaft The valley cover gasket has basically disintegrated so I'll safely assume that pile is what's left of it... the lifters look like their pretty much toast and I'm also worries about the camshaft lobes...to me it looks like the lifters have ate through the material. Or is it just rust/varnish?? I know a definitive answer won't be known under it's pulled out but what do you think. That's about it for now and probably will be on another small hiatus. Next up on the list will be disconnecting the driveshaft from the transmission and drain/fill the rear axle with some fresh fluids.
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