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  1. No Carl. This group was not helpful at all. Maybe something worth examining on this forum is what happens when a widow wishes to finish a car (or find suitable home), when her husband passes and she tries to complete his life work. I do however appreciate you reaching out to me. It means a lot. Happy New Year.
  2. Refreshing this topic again about Bill Harmatuk's CJ 6 1930 Chrysler that was in the middle of restoration when he passed away suddenly in May. I now have detailed photos of everything he collected (duplicates and triplicates) of many items. This photo collection are too many and file is too large for this forum however if you will drop your email here I can send you the Zip drive. My goal remains is to put this car in good capable hands that will finish what Bill started with the promise I get to fly my grandchildren to the finished product one day for a photo op in "papa's" old car. Bill was super picky about this car and I want to find someone who gets that and wants to restore in the manner in which he would have wanted. That person I am sure is out there, help me find them... Donna Harmatuk 252-670-6595
  3. I am looking to “gift” Bills Chrysler to the person who will promise to finish it in the manner he wanted it done. Bill spent a lifetime collecting the authentic parts (and duplicates), so all that is left is the restoration. All I ask is that when finished I can take his two grand baby boys Luke and Jack to sit it in and get a photo for their memories. And you are right this is a project of love for that car and the care it has received through the years. Donna Harmatuk 2526706595
  4. Trying to refresh this thread, I know there is someone out there who can help me.
  5. Chrysler30. Thank you for your response, glad to know someone is out there that remembers Bill and his passion for this car. My goal is to get this car to someone who would restore it in the manner he would have. Over the years he has collected duplicates of the wooden wheel spokes, radiator caps (sterling wings), and the body has been totally primed. He left detailed instructions on where he was at with everything as if he knew he wouldn't be able to finish it, has a whole file on the car. Small town in Eastern NC no one here is equipped or has the knowledge to do this car correctly. Where are you in Utah and what would your interest be if we could find someone to transport for us? It is important to me to find someone to finish the car, not about the value when finished, but about the accomplishment. Bill loved that car and I want to see his dream come true and have a photo of it finished to pass on to his two toddler grandsons so they can remember how passionate he was about it.
  6. To the right person this is not a purchase, it is a gift. My goal is for this car to be restored in the manner in which Bill wanted it done.
  7. My family is heartbroken that we can’t find anyone to finish Bills car.its been 4 months and we are in a small town in eastern NC. He carried this car to every home we had over the last 38 years and between family obligations and $$ he put it on the back burner. He had just built a 50x60 shop and was finally able to finish it when he got sick. All we want is to honor his wishes and to find someone who loves old cars and the eta they represent to finish his dream.
  8. Bill was meticulous in tagging and bagging for this car. He actually took photos of the original parts ( with instructions) he had probably with anticipation that he himself might not finish it. At first I wanted the car finished for his grandchildren however I would be happy for it to have a Good home to someone who would complete the project. That is what Bill would want. I can send photos to any interested parties.
  9. I posted this under the general forum and no-one seems to know anyone can help. Bill had friends in these forums where are they?
  10. My beloved husband Bill Harmatuk died May 9, 2020 at age 65. Bill was completely healthy and in January 2020 had 2 bladder stones that ultimately turned out to be soft tissue sarcoma cancer. I’m his wife Donna and only found this site by googling the make of his car. Bill has had his Chrysler CJ-6 since he was 18 years old and between work, soccer games, Boy Scouts, etc he put the restoration on the back burner. But the car went to every house we lived in and sat in the garage instead of our family car. Bill has just built a 50x60 barn and brought the Chrysler home. When he found out he was terminal he worked feverishly to get it primed. It has all original stuff, he said the hard parts had been done but to me it looks like it’s in a million pieces. My mission as his wife is to find someone to finish his dream car the way he would have. Can anyone help me by pointing me in the right direction? I’m in New Bern NC. donna@teamnewbern.com 252-670-6595 ps. The name Marty Lum was someone he talked about.
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