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  1. I am certainly trying to figure out my side and buy it as soon as I can! It has a beautiful tail gate and the headers certainly stand out!! I would love to get working on her as soon as possible! What condition did you purchase yours in?
  2. I just meant this is an American page and I am up in Canada 🤷
  3. Rusty, it is a custom with 3 in the tree. The vehicle was registered by the owner ten years back so the ownership is present, just need to find it. Unsure of keys.
  4. Very true Grog, I do appreciate the grounding. I am on the property every week, just trying to have my ducks in a row before approaching as it'll have to be a quick cash sale. That's what the daughter is saying at least, but she is convinced he would sell it.
  5. Stepside would make this look incredible! Iv given her one look over for rust and she really isn't bad. Very keen inside. I havnt found any nests quite yet. Engine bay was this clean when I opened it.
  6. Hey everyone! I am new to forums but thought I should ask for help and advice. I have recently stumbled upon a 1965-67 Fargo D100 here in Canada, same vehicle as the Dodge D100 I imagine most know. She caught my eye in a friend's field and I am in love with her. I have certainly done a lot of simple work on my own vehicle but have never actually worked on something like this. I have yet to talk to the owner about purchasing it as that will be a tricky conversation to work around as he is unfortunately a border. I'm in Ontario Canada, unfortunately we don't have many Fargo's up here. What are your first impressions, all fluids are there, oil extremely dark. Found as is, I didn't clean anything out of the engine bay,nothing had lived in it for over 10 years.
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