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  1. Holding the ignition on doesn't appear to do anything. I can't even get the dash to light up. I also tried by passing the ignition and that didn't work either
  2. I just attempted to jump the starter with a wire, while attached to the vehicle. And I couldn't get it to turn at all. I am getting 12v at the battery and at the end of the cable touching the starter, all connections in between seem to be clean.
  3. I initially used a jump wire and the engine spun several times then all of a sudden nothing happened. I feared I blew the starter somehow, so I pulled the starter and checked it outside of the vehicle using a spare pattern and a jump wire, and everything was still in working order. I used my multimeter and checked that the main power to the starter was good. It's still getting 12v at the starter
  4. It is connected to the ignition coil, and runs to the firewall as well.
  5. So I have been having an issue with my 64 DeVille. I tried to start it a while back, it cranked over a couple times, then everything stopped working, ignition wouldn't even activate dash lights. Headlights won't even work. And they should work regardless of the ignition. Battery is brand new, so I checked the starter, and it is running fine on its own. Then I noticed this box on the driver's side of the engine bay above the wheel well. It appears to have some sort of insulation melt out of it. It's worth noting that this insulation appears to have melted a while ago. But assuming this did some damage to the box, could it have just broke on me all of a sudden when I tried to start it? I checked the fuses under the driver's side dash. Are there any main bus fuses I should check? And if anyone could point me in the right direction of what to check, and what this box is called so I can order a new one of need be. Thank you guys for your help, I'm still learning about these cars and honestly I'm stuck right now.
  6. I disconnected the sending unit, and the ignition worked long enough to try to turn it over, I heard a click and everything shut off. Now it's not working again
  7. I disconnected the sending unit, and the ignition worked long enough to try to turn it over, I heard a click and everything shut off. Now it's not working again
  8. Hey guys, looking for some help I have a 64 DeVille, recently put a new fuel sending unit in the tank and put it back together. Car started fine before this. After I put it all together I tried to turn it on. Initially, the lights came on and it cranked over like a champ, but before it could get fully fired up, it stopped cranking and I could hear the starter winding down. I then tried to restart the process, turning the ignition on, and, no light, no dashboard activity at all, and it won't crank over at all. Or do anything for that matter. I checked the fuses under the steering wheel, none were blown out that I could see To top it off, my fuel gauge still isn't reading, which is why I replaced the sending unit in the first place. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. I have no clue what to do from here. Thanks.
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