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  1. Whe're back!! We have made some progress and some setbacks. We now have a functioning convertible top and new upholstered seats and floor. I put new plugs, points and cap, she fired right up but sounded a little sketchy so I did a compression test and all but 1 cylinder were 95-100 pounds. The #4 was 75 #'s. Sounds like a valve but I'm not going to worry too much for now, because I bigger fish to fry. The previous owner said she pulled to right when braking and he thought the right front wheel cylinder was frozen. He was right. Step on the brake and Lucy makes a right hand turn. The
  2. Convertible top update: We have been fighting with the rods on the top of Lucy ('50) for weeks and several people on this forum have given us helpful info, but it seemed that the only solution was to open up the front of the top and proceed. I wasn't comfortable with that as the top is old and in poor shape. My son has a bore scope and suggested we try looking in the front section and see what we could see. Lo and behold, inside are the missing rods, back beyond sight. The operating mechanism that moves the rods from side to side would only spin in place, but not in and out. We decided that
  3. it says I have 22 responses but cannot locate them
  4. I received a message from johnD1956 but I cannot find it!!!
  5. Thanks for the input. I was hoping I could handle this by opening up the front roof rail and work from there. The top is in poor but usable condition. I am afraid if I go down the "top removal" path I will have to have a new top made!! Are you saying removing the top fabric is the only way to proceed? I am not sure why this thread was moved to this forum, as it is technical in nature.
  6. I recently aquired a 1950 Convertible in poor condition and started the restoration process. I have replaced the floors, new uplostery and carpet. I may have a bad valve as I have 95-100 psi in 7 cylinders and 75 psi in #4. My biggest problem is I don't have the rods in the top to lock down the top to the windshield. Does any one have a source for those? I am stumped. Sorry, it is a straight 8, standard transmission. Thanks in advance for any help for Lucy and me!
  7. I have a set of 870's with 4" wide whitewalls coming from diamondback, due this week for my '50 Buick Convertible
  8. 1953mack-I see that I received a message from you but I don't know how to retrieve it. Updates: Lucy should be back from the upoulsterer (sp) today or tomorrow. Re: battery- I tried to start the car and the battery went dead. I have it charging and have 2aut cables ready to install when I pick the car up NEGATIVE GROUND!! Cranking the car melted the cables. Re: top locking rods, can someone furnish me with dimensions so I can reproduce them? Looking forward to see how it drives hopefully!! As always, Thank you for your patience, ME and Lucy
  9. I just finished the floors, but I cannot get my stupid phone to download them to the computer to post them!! The seats will be ready this Saturday and they will put the carpet in. Then I will start to try and get running and driving.
  10. 50jetback-Thank you, now it is very clear where the return spring goes.
  11. Al- I looked for the rods for the top and they are not there. I guess I will have to take the front roof rail off and figure my next step. I did contact Hydro E lectric and left a message for them. The thing that has me confused is I received a Carburetor return spring, tried to connect it where I thought it went, broke the end off and I - can't figure where the damned thing attaches at the opposite end from the carburetor!!! I just finished detailing the battery box to install the battery and I will try to figure out the whole positive ground thing. The seats are supposed to
  12. Thanks Al- I did try fishing around for the rods, but without a lot of enthusiasm as the car was parked for a number of years and I didn't know who may have taken up residence in the hole. I will try again but I don't have much hope. Is my best option to make the rods? Any suggestions? Also, I just received my new accelerator pedal and bellows and carb return spring. Does the bellows fit though the cowl and "snap" in? How do I route the spring? The carb has an indentation for 1 end but what about the other end? Would you recommend manuals for me to purchase so I can stop aski
  13. Thanks for the info Al, it's much appreciated. I have pictures of that area of the car, but they are too large to print, but I will try.
  14. Just about finished "piecing in" the floor. Seats are out for upholstery, should be done in about a week. If the floor is done I will get the carpet done also. These are as many pictures as I can get! They say I am limited to 9.77MB but won't let post more than 5.6???
  15. can anyone give me the direction I should take to make my top lock to the windshield. I assume that it will be pretty important before I start driving
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