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  1. The ‘31 barn find had 12” hydraulic brakes done way back. The front drums are ok for cleaning up and reusing but the rear are beyond spec at 12.13 diameter (guessing spec is about 12.09). I can’t see any numbers so is there any way to determine what part numbers Id be looking for by application? BTW, I had to modify the puller jaws to remove one of the rear drums to but that shop photo is the only one I have to present here as a sample. Just thought I’d get that out of the way as it’s just a test-fit photo on the same drum hub that came off easily before I go back to the pickup to use it on th
  2. Thanks, I figured as much since the man from whose son I obtained it from was a professional engineer.
  3. Has anyone ever seen a half ton model A pickup converted to a manually operated dump bed with the release lever in front of the left front fender? I recently became the owner of one that had been parked in barn for 11 years and am wondering if there are others out there with this feature. I can get better photos.
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