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  1. there are a couple engines and trans in Sylmar. let me know and I can ask the guy, he may want to sell the whole storage unit, full coupe car in parts, many extra parts.
  2. Thank you for the tips, Ill drop the exhaust to try that, but not not "noisy" Then check fuel pressure, and filter. satellite tank....we shall see.
  3. HI all, new member, but first older Dodge. I'm from Northern California. I have a 48 Dodge 4 door with fluid drive. We changed points, plugs, cap ,rotor ,new gas, wires ,coil, new vacuum advance, adjusted carb...,adjusted valves.. Just seems to flutter a bit at 20mph and then has good power up to almost 35/ 40. when the motor "can't go faster"... seems to be held back by something.. .doesn't stall, just poops out . The muffler doesn't sound plugged. There is spark, gas is flowing. any suggestion appreciated! Tomark
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