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  1. Need help with identifying these very interesting bulb adjustment in and out 11 inch across 7 inch deep Thanks Jon
  2. Hi I was watching car show on White Steam car and noticed the steering Wheel was very similar The rim should be wood Is the brass spider White thanks Jon
  3. I was thinking the same Thanks
  4. These are a really nice set of headlights could someone tell me what they are off thanks Jon
  5. Gunsmoke opened the lights up and removed forks tops are machined to fit socket nicely I think the forks are rough from 100 years of Hawaiian salt air thanks for your comments Jon
  6. These came from Hawaii of all places knob that opens lights stamped model 920 they were made by Rushmore Dynamo Works Anyone know what vehicle they were used on Thanks Jon
  7. AHa I know this is a very rare item that’s why I enjoy researching the items I find. My project will be period correct. I have been collecting parts for years. below are a few awaiting projects thanks Jon
  8. thanks but i bought it to make a speedster also
  9. Hi I could use your detective work once again. Need to know what this Steering Wheel and column came off Thanks Jon
  10. Thanks For the help I am going to have fun Building a period correct speedster with all the early brass era parts I have collected over the years . Amazing detective work, I now know that its not a Mieir brothers truck but they will be a sponsor. thanks again to all Jon Bibbens
  11. Hi I found this on EBAY and purchased It was advertised as a Meier Brothers Express truck I cannot find any information on it. Any help in identification would be appreciated thanks Jon
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