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  1. Good Morning! I can take some pictures of my grill for you; I'll get them this coming weekend when I get back to the car, if there is anything special you would need to know, measurements et cetera, let me know! Greg
  2. I just noticed the new Airstream sub-forum - this is great!! I haven't been active too much here since purchasing my '35 CZ Deluxe though I have been busy going through the car and assessing everything. It appears quite original so if anyone here needs me to look at something on the car for reference just let me know. Biggest takeaways I noticed - I might have to add turn signals - LH turns aren't too bad, but RH turns...man - arm out the window and up like you are taking an oath, while steering with the other hand and trying to downshift just isn't working very well! That coupled with the fact people around me generally have no idea what I am doing makes me think I'll be rear ended at some point! Secondly, I wish the car had overdrive - plenty of torque and the 8 is great overall but by 50 MPH the engine is just pining for another gear. I may be interested in rebuilding my transmission and adding overdrive if that is a possibility and I will be looking for advice on that. Here is a picture of mine, just bought in July. Greg
  3. Nice looking car however a minor point, this is actually a 2 door hardtop, 'Newport' not a club coupe. Interestingly, it's not a Deluxe model but sports the Deluxe style hubcaps. The base hubcaps were a bit plainer with no star in the center. I like this car because it doesn't have power steering; my '54 doesn't either and it's such a satisfying workout in low speed situations!! Greg
  4. An absolute steal for someone! Let's hope we all see this car again! In my search on Airstreams over the years, I have only seen a handful of 8s and this one is particularly rare.
  5. As very recently purchasing the '35 Airstream CZ Touring Sedan posted here in June (for the same amount!), I can tell you this car is an absolute gem of a find. While it appears to be missing a few items, wipers, skirts et cetera, it's originality is amazing!! My new CZ is original as well and it's fun to see how similar each of these cars are. I too hope this one finds a good home - I would have been all over this one!!
  6. Curious if the rear wheel chock is only as an additional safety measure or the parking brake is weak. Greg
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