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  1. we will absolutely post in me and my Buick thread. It has dyna flow automatic and my first time driving one was test driving this one. we are located in Ottawa Canada .still learning how to use this forum
  2. Hey everyone we are newbs. A few weeks back our Buick found us We made a wrong turn, passed by a dealership that was closing and the owner was liquidating his inventory. Long story short we bought her and named her Frida (Kahlo). I work in Youth Justice and my beautiful partner is an Artist and Teacher. We put a rebuilt radiator in her, changed the thermostat and thermostat housing cover is on order. She needs some interior work upholstery and one of the levers for the heat the knob broke off. We also found a 55 special rolling Chassis with operational motor and cowl and steering wheel and components. Got that parts car for 800 dollars. I suffer from PTSD due to my line of work and this car has given me a new outlook on life. We look forward to meeting people in this forum and any tip you folks have please share.
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