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  1. That's the strange thing it just dangles down the side of the valve cover towards the floor I cannot see anywhere it would or should have been attached to and it definitely is a pcv valve in the valve cover the hose is connected to which I'm pretty certain isn't right Thanks
  2. I just want to make it clear that I have never touched the hoses or anything this is how she was when I bought her and never a problem Thanks steve
  3. Hey guys again thank you for all the input And so I had a little look around under the hood and came up I think with something rather strange now don't get me wrong I am not even close to being a mechanic but I'm pretty certain this isn't right can you possibly give me some thoughts on this I will post two photos but basically it appears my engine has two pcv valves which is puzzling me. From photo one hopefully you can see a hose from back of inlet manifold which when I looked is without doubt a pcv valve and the hose goes to the front of the carbarrettor now I thought it was supposed to go to a valve cover anyhow moving I then find another pcv valve which is in said valve cover along with a hose just dangling down the side of the engine I'm really lost here guys and girls as you can probably tell I don't drive her too much just drool over her on my drive but when I have taken her out probably 1000 miles in seven years not a single problem so any thoughts would be appreciated thanks Steve
  4. Hello yes indeed huge blue clouds the cars behind me weren't chuffed either and the mosquitos lol I must say I have never heard of a ruptured diaphragm is that goodnight or fixable please give me good news lol
  5. So I took my beloved Skylark for a small ride with my grandson on his birthday and with 15 miles I have had to put 10 litres of oil in to get her home she still sounds great when idling but man that's an incredible amount of oil out of the exhaust I can't seem to see any leaks I'm going to lift her up next weekend has anyone got any ideas on what it could be the engine is a 455ci big block and has been awesome thanks
  6. Thanks Joe just one last question if possible is there a way to tell if it's a stage 1 by other markings on the block like letter's or numbers Thanks Steven P Rodwell
  7. Hey Joe thanks for getting back to me omg I can't believe it I have just checked the rear of engine and found the number you were absolutely on the money it has 455 and then 1231738 so does this help in what the engine is from by chance as in car Thanks again for your help I'm over the moon Steven P Rodwell
  8. Hey guys I am real new to this my name is Steve and I am a very proud owner of a 1978 Buick Skylark which has been customized slightly prior to buying her. The guy I bought her off had replaced the engine and gearbox with his words a 455ci and 400 auto box from a 1972 riveria I have an engine number but sadly cannot find anything online to identify if it is what it is I'm pretty sure it is a 455ci but would love to know exactly which one and what year if anyone can point me in right direction I would be most grateful or if you know how to decode the engine number even better I managed to do the vin on the Skylark which was fun but this has beat me. The engine number is 41H902188. Thanks and have a nice day Steven P Rodwell
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