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  1. I am back. After all the trouble I had with the starter I found it had a bad ground. Repaired the starter for the 3rd time and no problem. Been driving it all over.
  2. Sure seems that way. I don't know if the teeth are missing on the flywheel. So.... I go from here and look. I had already ordered another starter thinking it was the starter. I decreased the photo by 50% to see if it was the larger photo I had used. .
  3. I bought this very nice pickup with only 64,639 miles on it. Super clean with the scarce 401 AMC V8 put in it when built. I just got back with the truck. Drove it from Phoenix, Arizona to Corpus Christi Texas. Sure was a long hot drive in the desert. It runs great except when I got to San Antonio the starter had a drag in it every so often. Well when I came out of a store there in town with a drink in hand I climbed into the truck. The starter engaged but locked up making a horrible sound. I could not turn the key back to off. So I jumped out quickly and removed the positive cable to kill the
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