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  1. dealer installed is what i mean on the con kit
  2. I think it was ordered like that is what he said because it is a factory kit.
  3. post car,chrome is very good just needs cleaning.Here is a pic or two! What you guys think!
  4. Got a chance to buy a 57 500 in good shape,52,000 orginal miles,very little bondo on the bottom quarters an rockers maybe a hand full.The car has no powersteering or power brakes but has the 292 engine and has been restored about 4 or 5 yeras ago,it is showing some rust on the bumpers,and a blister here and there on the doors,other than that no rust and the car is got custom interior that needs nothing ready to go on the inside stiil looks new.The car will need tires and brakes gone throught and a good cleaning and you could drive it then. Starts before you can get your hand off the key and do
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