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  1. yes you are so right. someone who understands. the original engine was shot and it was decided to upgrade. the engine trans and rear end was all upgraded. unfortunately now i nee disc brakes up front to pass an inspection. can someone please link the hamb website you all speak of?
  2. i am lost. in hawaii we need to pass a vehicle safety inspection and have an additional reconstruction inspection. once modified, a recon inspector needs o confirm that the vehicle is safe. we upgraded the engine to a 1994 dodge dakota 4 cylinder with power steering. it had a 5 speed manual transmission with a 200 dodge ram rear en that was shortened. the rear is ready for disc brakes. i just need to be able to pout disc on the front
  3. aloha from hawaii. im building a 1925 db and want to put disc brakes on the front. anyone do something like this? i also want to convert it to a 5x114 hub. the motor was upgraded as well as added power steering. but in hawaii we need front brakes to pass a safety inspection. mahalo in advance.
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