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  1. WTB Brake Booster for '64 Wildcat
  2. Looking for a brake booster for a '64 Wildcat? Anyone know where I can find one??? Thanks!!!
  3. Looking for a brake booster for a 1964 Wildcat..... Anyone have an idea on where to find one....(rather quickly....lol) Thanks!
  4. Looking for a brake booster for a '64 Wildcat. Anyone have a lead on where to get one (rather quickly...lol) Thanks!
  5. And thanks for reminding these cars aren't all that popular!!! lol Definitely sentimental reasons here for getting her back up and running.....
  6. Thanks...definitely gives me more to think about.... certainly just more of a cruise here and there driver and if the kits don't add any more dependability. Just the thought of out on the interstate after 35 years make one consider the options.....lol
  7. Looking at options to upgrade my uncle's old 64 Buick Wildcat convertible to front disc brakes. Don't have the time or funds to go all our on the car but sure looking forward to getting her back up and street worthy. He passed away several years ago and wanted me to have the car - though it will bring some tears to his wife's eyes to see it back on the road. Is it worth the upgrade? Has anyone had any luck with a particular company and one of their bolt on kits for not only the brakes but also the booster/master? Wildwood, Performance Online, Discbrakeconversion etc. all have some pa
  8. Looking for anyone's opinion on upgrading a 64 Wildcat convertible to front disc brakes? Currently in the process of semi-restoring my uncle's car and have been looking at the kits available for the upgrade - brake kits and the booster/master package. Worth it? Anyone have a company they've had success with without breaking the bank? Thanks!! Steve
  9. Thanks. I’m in Green Bay so if need be I’ll try a few local shops - otherwise thanks for the lead. Appreciate it!!
  10. Thanks.... Been searching hi and low for a replacement but not one to be found yet.
  11. Having trouble finding a heater core WITHOUT AC for a 64 Wildcat Convertible. So many of the parts sites skip right over the 64 year with no ac? Anyhelp would be appreciated! Just starting to rebuild my uncles car.
  12. Looking for new heater core for a 64 Wildcat convertible WITHOUT air. Everywhere I look a 64 isn't listed for some reason with ac. Some parts places skip right over the 64.... Any help? Thanks!
  13. Need to replace a 1964 Wildcat Convertible heater core WITHOUT air conditioning. Not sure what the deal is but all the parts lookups I find don't list the 64 -every other year but. Anyone know what's up and can send me in the right direction? Thanks!!
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