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  1. I did see where it is popular to convert the Ts and As to 12 volt but didn't realize you can just buy a cutout already converted (and on the shelf, ready to go). From what I've read on this forum, a 30 amp diode would still cover things. I went with a 70 amp because it didn't cost much more than a 30 amp if I recall correctly. It has been doing the job with no issues.
  2. I plan to open mine up after the driving season here (~ October). I'm just trying to familiarize myself with things in there beforehand.
  3. Hi Peter, Perhaps I did a poor job of explaining the problem. The email address in my current 'MikeC5' profile is dead. I wanted to update it but have lost the password. I tried to reset my password but it will only send email to this defunct email address and since I tried this, AACA forums is now asking me to sign in and I don't have the password. So I have created this new account in order to post the problem. If this can't be fixed, I'll just continue with this new ID but I would prefer to keep my original one.
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