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  1. Hi John I think that I have most of the Maxwell parts that I needed Merle was a big help also James Lyons now I just need more time to work on it! About the Kiblinger I know of one that I think is a Kiblinger the seat is also missing the guy that had it passed a couple of years ago I have known him for maybe 60 years I am working with his wife she is thinking about it, if I get it I will build 2 seats. It has been a while since I looked at it and don't remember if it was tiller or not. Rudy
  2. Hi Neal I tried to reply on your E-Mail but I guess the thought it was spam and would not accept it anyway what I need is a radiator for a model 69 overland I think they might have quit brass by then but will check that out! Will be gone about 2 weeks on a trip so can't do it till I get back. thanks Rudy
  3. What is the price you are asking for your parts and what area are they located at? Rudy
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