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  1. How is the trunk light activated on Wildcat - Le Sabre -Electra? Mechanical switch or mercury switch? Or should it be wired to the door courtesy light switches? I have a plain harness running up beside left hinge -> inside trunk lid going to the light socket on my Electra, but no ON/OFF switches to be found anywhere. Harness looks old, could be original, but not sure. 12V goes to the light socket when trunk is open, but can not find a cut-off device for pos. or neg. anywhere. Did a '65 have trunk light at all, or could it be put in afterwards? Looks original, though...
  2. Connector was in good nick. Plastic was not brittle and no leaks through the tabs, so I put it back with a new O-ring.
  3. Thanks. It was a basic pan down- filter off- push connector out job.
  4. Can the O-ring on the pass through connectors be replaced without dismantling parts from inside the case on a Super Turbine 400 (y. 1965)? Driver side connector can be wiggled a little and O-ring is sweating-leaking. I don't want to apply force to the connector, old plastic can be brittle. Oil pan will be taken off for cleaning and replacing pan gasket.
  5. Thanks for info. I have 2 right side horns, that's why they're sitting oddly. Wasn't sure if the hi- and lo- horn looked the same.
  6. Gentlemen / Ladies. I was going to replace the speedometer cable on my Electra '65 and got a replacement cable with the metallic screw-on attachment (on both ends). When I unscrewed the existing cable at the speedometer end, I found that there is a plastic "bayonet" attachment that only needs a 1/4 turn, or less, to de-attach the cable from this speedo, but the cable I've got has the metallic ring that needs to be screwed several turns to secure the cable.. Could there be two different cables/speedometer attachments on a '65? The Wildcat speedo face look very similar to this one. Are there different cables for Electra and Wildcat apart from length? I have used search engine, but not a single image of a cable with the plastic attachment pops up. Sorry, I do not have a photo at hand of the actual cable or back side of my speedo, but image can be provided later.
  7. Above pic was of my Electra, which is not period correct as is. I have the OE caps for this car, but need 3rd set for another Buick in working progress.
  8. Got stood up from last deal, so trying again: wtb a full set of 15" hubcaps pictured, (complete set, bolt on ready or items needing cleanup). Looking for very nice driver (or better) condition without rash or big dents.
  9. Thanks, will check wiring harness for traces.
  10. None of these manuals have pics or graphs from inside front fender areas in question, but Bill's images probably show correct positions. Low and High are quite far apart, thou. I must check for hints in the harness on mine.
  11. Thanks, horns are probably in the correct area (harness without slack), but not sure under which bolt they were mounted at factory.
  12. Which is the correct place for the signal horns (dual) on a '65 Custom Convertible with A/C? Now both are in front of passenger side inner fender between the fender and front clip, but not sure if placement is correct. Hard to find original pics of engine bay.
  13. Also looking for a good set of these caps. 15". If anyone has a good to excellent driver quality set for sale, I'm interested.
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