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  1. Thank you F&J and Frank. Frank, you nailed it. https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/3246-cha/1928-auburn-8-88-sedan Thanks again for your excellent and very speedy replies! Have a nice day. G
  2. Hi. I'm hoping a knowledgeable enthusiast can ID the year, make and model of this car? Much appreciated. Gary, NJ
  3. Keiser31, Thank You! I agree, sure looks like that Jordan you posted (never even heard of a Jordan). I suspected the Model T, was looking for confirmation. Thanks again my friend. G
  4. Hi. I ran across a couple of old photographs and I was hoping one of the readers could help me ID the cars in 2 images. Thanks so much. The plate on the Johnson car read NJ - 1927 Gary, NJ
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