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  1. i did fall to mention trans will but not often, stay in 2nd gear . stopping an restarting engine corrects that problem . no backup lights the wire that is mentioned in news letter has all ready be cut.
  2. thanks for the reply reaper1 I did pull an test injections last year also fuel preassure is as it should be honesty this is not a new problem for me.but some thing ive been trying to solve for like 3 yrs now. Im no professional mechanic but have been tinkering all my life . start with the Obvious tell you get to whats left. Still looking but everything is pointing to computer really looking for rebuild options as used ones i have found are 300 to 500 no guarantees. I am still open to suggestions as my goal is to drive this sweet little car. Thank again
  3. Seens im long winded. Now i have experienced these same symptoms in ford ignition systems an chevy distributor ignition module now if you got a better idea im open to Subgestion.
  4. Well where do i start .I own a red 90 tc with the 3.0 engine slowly an more frequency the car has started acting as if it is running out of gas , loss of power,stalling out. Upon letting the car cool of it will start back up an run fine. Distributer has been replaced also coil, fuel pump was replaced by previous owner whom I know quite well. Now i have located one source to rebuild my sbec
  5. Hi all, I am looking for sources for a new- used- rebuilt or rebuild my s.b.e.c. thanks for any help. Dwight