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  1. Standard equipment was the inline 6...the 300 CID was the Optional(and largest) on the Base Skylark. It’s mated to a 2 Speed(what we called the “Slushbox”) transmission. How are sales of the 65 Convertibles nowadays?
  2. Thank You! I wondered what the “K” was!! Someone removed the door edge guards, probably when repainting it. And I thought the “P” was the Optional Back Up Lamps...interesting! Convertible Top is currently white, so someone changed color. Previous owner installed 1960’s styled Cherry Bombs..Rear Air Shocks too! yes..the “X” is puzzling me too! any thoughts on the X out there?
  3. Here is a better copy!
  4. There is much discussion regarding the “STAR” on GM Cowl Tags. There does not seem to be any rhyme to reason, as I recall.... Maybe someone else has more info on it.
  5. Let me get some gasoline & try that to remove the rustproofing. Thx
  6. Hi again. I have an opportunity to buy a Non A/C 1963 Riviera, once I sell my 1965 Skykark Convertible. Air Cleaner shows 445 Wildcat, but does that mean engine is the Optional 425(340 HP) or the Standard 401 Nailhead(325 HP)? Cowl Tag is below.
  7. Can I get some help decoding this tag from my 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible? I can remove the Rustproofing spray if it’s not legible enough. I purchased the car as follows about 10 years ago: 300 CID V-8 w/Dual Exhaust Automatic on the column 2 Speed Tranny AM Radio White Exterior w/Red Vinyl Interior Bench Front Seat w/Front Seat Belts Heater...no A/C I will be selling car this spring.
  8. No A/C car, has a 2 Barrel Carb. Red Vinyl Interior. (Front Bench). Newer White top. Runs 100% with new Front Shocks.. Someone went through motor previously. MUST have a cam..sounds amazing! Interior photos coming soon.
  9. Update...I tried to remove a tiny bit of the undercoating. Used a powerful stripper..didn’t touch it. Thus stuff is not coming off. Good News is: No rust under there!
  10. Hello... Just joined this morning. Have a Skylark ragtop, with 300 CID. Someone added rear Air Shocks, RWL Radial Tires & AM/FM Cassette... It’s a fun Driver...will be selling this year to put in a swimming pool for the wife. Have no idea where to be price wise. Car was sold to me a decade ago with 55,XXX
  11. Well..new to this site, and have a quick question. My 65 Skylark Convertible was “rustproofed”, probably at the Dealer when new. It’s especially heavy under the hood, inner fenders, firewall, rad support...pretty much heavily coated. I’m going to be selling the car to focus on my 65 Bonneville...Sooooooo...... How important to spend countless hours removing the gunk to clean the engine compartment, or do I let the next guy do it??
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