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  1. I am looking for a 25 inch series 2 Kelsey front wooden spoked wheel for a 1919 Dodge Screenside. Thanks in advance. Brian
  2. I am looking for a pair of 25 inch split rims for a 1919 Dodge Screenside. I believe they are Kelsey series 2 wheels. Thanks in advance. Brian
  3. I've never seen one raduised. Nice touch.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The spokes are new but they were done by someone a long time ago thus the shrinkage. I have no idea why someone would interchange the two but I would assume they used what they had. I am not running them.
  5. Can anyone identify the fellows on this wheel? The center is Dodge Brothers but the fellows is not. I was told it might be an early 20's Buick. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone identify this wheel? The hub is Dodge Brothers but I'm not sure about the fellows.
  7. I have one hole in the bottom of the bed on the drivers side and one hole in the sub-frame on the passengers side. I replaced all of the lower sheetmetal on the passengers side and I don't remember if there were any holes.
  8. That's the same case as the one for my Screenside so at least I know that is correct.
  9. The tailight on my 1919 Screenside is mounted on the drivers side rear fender. I have no idea if it is factory or not but all the original wires were routed directly to it.
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