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  1. Hi, all-- up for sale is a pretty nice original grille emblem for a '37 Lincoln Zephyr V-12. Right now, there is only other one, on eBay, in considerably worse condition, for $300.... I'd like to get $250 plus mail for this one. It's really a pretty nice original emblem... even comes with the original mounting hardware. Grab it while you can! If interested, please e-mail me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com as I do not use the PM system here much. Thanks!
  2. Have a good-sized stack of Sam's photofacts (pictures, schematics, service info) for USA-made car radios, mostly 1950's. $8 plus mail will take the entire stack. USA destinations only, please. Not worth the trouble to do do an international shipment for 8 bucks... If interested, please e-mail me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com as I do not use the PM system here. Thanks,
  3. Found a few more antique automotive books in storage... these are "hundred-year-old" hardbound textbooks that show many in-depth details about how cars of the period were constructed and operated. I didn't look, but considering the dates, I bet many things are relevant to late 19-'teens cars as well as the early 1920's. Actually, one on the list WAS written during the 'teens and goes back to a 1913 copyright, so might possibly be relevant nearly all the way back to the beginning of automotive technology. Great books! Very rare to find 96- to 107-year old automotive technical books now...
  4. Have an original used radio delete plate from a 1968 full-size Chevy passenger. Very rare part! $25 plus mail. If interested, please hit me up at blown394olds@yahoo.com Thanks!
  5. Have three thick catalogs from automotive supply houses, 1920's era. Cool old catalogs, chock full of pictures of all sorts of stuff. Cost me quite a bit back in the '90's (probably cost me about $80), but will sell all three here for just $30. Plus mailing costs. If interested, please contact me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com Thanks!
  6. This stack is no longer available! Thank you and happy motoring...
  7. Hi, all-- Up for sale is a big stack of antique automotive literature. A bunch of really old stuff, much is 90+ years old. Some real rare stuff in this collection. I had collected this stuff back in the mid to late '90's when I was trying to set up a restoration shop, but I never got that off the ground. This just surfaced in storage, so I am passing it on. $250 takes all. Probably half of what I have in it, in all honesty. Add mailing costs to that. Located in California. Can mail within the USA via Media Mail. Hit me up direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com as I d
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