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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you for all of the assistance provided to me by many of you, it Is appreciated greatly ! I'm happy to say that this car has been sold. Again, thank you to all the fine people in this club. I cant get over how helpful everyone has been. Amazing generosity indeed. I'm posting another car soon....! Very Best Regards, Godspeed Always
  2. George, Thank you for the information, appreciated sir...
  3. Thank you for your input, valuable information indeed. I'm not as polished as most. Quite frankly, I didn't know the value of the car...? Fortunately, the good folks in this group have assisted. Thank you again...
  4. Hello, there is no set price. Please make an offer if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Hello, we are Located in Wildwood Missouri a suburb 30 minutes outside of St. Louis
  6. Happy Fathers Day ! Not sure if anyone in here is intrested in this car. Runs great, cool air conditioning, well maintained. 85,000 Miles. Inherited this vehicle, love it, but I already have to many other cars. Located in Wildwood Missouri. Please LMK If you would like to purchase this Buick Regal 3800 custom. Serious enquiries please. If you are motivated, make an offer ! Thank You and Godspeed Always.
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