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  1. Have both front & rear springs. The front spring has 7 leaf (1917-1925?) The rear spring has 8 leaf (1909-1925?) I live in Ct., the springs are heavy. The photo were Jpeg and will try to attach again.
  2. The switch was in with the Chrysler head lights, reflectors & lens that I have posted and I indicated it was from the 20s-30s. The switch does not have a part number. I search to try to identify the switch, but was not able to find any information. Hopefully someone can identify it and us it, as it is not for a Model T, which I am familiar with. I am glad someone was able to identify the Chrysler head lights. Hopefully someone can use the head lights.
  3. Ignition Switch from 1920s- 1930s $200 Or Best Offer. A member informed that the switch may not be for 26/27 Chrysler.
  4. Willys Knight Head Lights Believe from 1922 to 1927 For Sale, $310 Or Reasonable Offer.
  5. Early Airfiltration Carb Side Draft Carb, Pat Date 1912, With Viewing Ports, For Sale $300 Or Reasonable Offer.
  6. Early Stromberg Carb Side Draft For Sale $300 Or Reasonable Offer. All Brass Pat Date 1912.
  7. Early Old Large Zenith Carbs For Sale $275 Or Reasonable Offer.
  8. Early Stromberg Carb For Sale $275 Or Reasonable Offer. Carb looks like it is all brass. .
  9. Gas Light Mounting Brackets- $55 Each or Best Offer. Believe and looks like larger bracket for 1911-1914 Ford. Believe small bracket maybe for smaller driver side auxiliary gas light.
  10. Model T 26-27 Radiator Shell - $125 Or Best Offer.
  11. Model T Running Board Tool Box, $125 OR Best Offer.Box needs to be repainted.
  12. Model T Front Axel To Engine Drag Strut For Sale Price $90 or Best Offer.
  13. Ford Model T Steering Shafts For Sale. One is a 1926 -27 Unit With Square Mounting End. The other is a pre-1926 unit with Oval Mounting End. $190 Each or Best Offer
  14. Ford Model T Front Spring For Sale. $75 or Best offer.
  15. Ford Model T Parts For Sale-Many Items. Mostly have Model T 26-27 parts, but have many others years available. Inquire for your needed parts
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