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  1. To answer my own question - I found literature that states that the -line power (+ground car) is to be attached to the fuel gauge. After testing the two lines coming out of the radio head I was able to determine which line was the correct as the power switch would only work one way (live power all the time when wired backwards).
  2. Does anyone have the complete documentation that is in the photo - a digital version would be fine. I found this on Worthpoint, but it isn't available.
  3. SOLVED - Thank you, Frank DuVal. Antenna did indeed need to be tuned to radio. This was done by turning the ‘Skyway/Roadway’ antenna selector. Very slight adjustment made an incredible difference. Radio is working perfectly now with great volume & tone range.
  4. So I rechecked as you said and meter said O.L which I assume would be open loop. The 1.6 to 2 ohms reading was from touching center pin with one lead and touching base of antenna on car - I tried that again today and got a more constant .3 OHMS (I was more careful today not to touch the leads while doing the tests - would that matter?). My father bought car in 1970 & radio in 1971. He had everything except the Chrome Dash plate which I was able to locate recently - my dad is 91 years old and I really want to be able to take him for a ride while listening to the AM 'oldies' - it's been a 50 year wait! If I touch antenna while standing on ground (barefoot) radio plays absolutely perfect.
  5. I had the original radio rebuilt for my 1938 Desoto R/S Coupe - Philco Transitone C-1550. It bench tests fine, but installed in car the reception is extremely weak and volume very low; however, when I touch antenna it comes in clear & good volume. I checked OHMS of antenna and read anywhere from 1.6 to 2, which I believe is good - it also worked before antenna was installed on car and the antenna was touching seat frame???? leading me to believe that once grounded all would be good). I also ran a ground wire from antenna base to positive battery terminal (positive ground car) with absolutely no improvement. I'm at a loss - any help would be appreciated.
  6. Beautiful 38 Royal! I can’t help you with Canadian production breakdown, but 2,850 Royals were built in Windsor, Canada. My father bought our 1938 Desoto Rumble Seat Coupe in 1969 or 70 and it is Canadian built as well (it had a total production US & Canada of 38 - 27 US built & Canadian production of 11 and ours is body #11. 1938 was last year for the rumble seat so it is the last Desoto Rumble Seat Coupe ever produced in Canada). I’m curious to see the production plate on your car as I believe they could be the same colour (if yours is original). The paint code on mine is 642 or possibly 648 as the last # is not stamped clearly. Any info we can share would be greatly appreciated. Finding information on Canadian built pre-war Chrysler products can be extremely difficult, so if we can assist one another would be nice.
  7. I would also recommend Kris Arneson. I just received my matts from him recently & they're a perfect match to the originals. Kris was awesome to deal with and explained everything that I asked. Yes, they are pricey, but worth it & you'll have to wait.
  8. could you please e-mail your contact details to me please
  9. I have a 1938 Desoto Rumble Seat Coupe that was built in Windsor, Ontario. The tag on the firewall clearly says paint code 642. I have been unable to find any information on the paint codes on Canadian built cars. I believe the colour is GEM GREEN (car's original paint is green). Can anyone help with confirmation?
  10. Hi I'm looking for some information on how the radio was wired into car. The radio head has 2 wires coming out of it that were cut off (both same colour). Does anyone know how/where these wires are to connect (to radio chassis?). If someone has a Chrysler with the radio installed I believe it would be the same - photos would be great, if possible.
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