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  1. There is actually a barb coming out of the bottom of the pump with a soft line already on it so I think I should be able to use that. Thank you!!
  2. Ok, that's a shame. My grandfather kept a lot of extra parts in the trunkni was hoping to get away with using. Ive been looking for parts to prepare myself but it is hard finding things for an old pontiac
  3. Thank you! Do you think a new old stock fuel pump would work or do the internals need to be rebuilt with different materials?
  4. I am having my grandfathers star chief straight 8 sedan towed to my house so I can try and get it running and driving again. It hasn't been driven in 14 years, although 6 years ago I put a new 6 volt battery in it and got the engine to turn over but it never fired. I wanted to get the tools and supplied I need together before it gets to me so I can be prepared. Does anyone know what size fuel line I can get to run from the pump to a gerry can to bypass the old fuel in the tank just to get it running? Thank you!
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