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  1. No work has been done to it that I know of. It sat in the Nevada desert for a few decades. The interior is all but gone Its not running now and who knows when it last ran. As far as I can tell the wood is in good shape. Here is the data plate and the frame tag. -Noel
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Noel and new to old cars. One last year this followed me home. My plans are to just get her running and mechanically sound and road worthy. Maybe some upholstery on the seats so I don't have to sit on the springs. I am not sure what it is exactly. I think its a 1930 series 40 but what? I have what I think was the last registration from 1963 it has it as a 1930 Buick, 4s as type and model or series is blank If anyone can help me with what I have it would be much appreciated. Now that I found this forum I'll be asking lots of questions. Thanks guys -Noel
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