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  1. Pierce-Arrow Society Records do not have this serial number. It falls in the numbering sequence for 1913, possibly late 1912. Is there anyway we could get what information you have on it to add to PAS records? The PAS "Arrow" of 1977-1 is mostly about Pierce Motorcycles and includes a year identification guide. It is available to PAS members on the PAS website.
  2. Jon, Check the voltage while cranking at the battery posts and then at the starter post and case. If there is much difference, there is either a bad connection or the cables are too small. Most recommendations for 6v are for 2/0 cables. Dave
  3. John, If the cable(s ?) are getting hot, it most likely is too small of a cable, a bad connection on the cable, or less likely, a fault in the starter that is causing it to draw too much current or a poor battery. I know you said all connections are clean, but, sometimes the crimp is bad and you can't tell. Also, woven ground straps can cause a lot of resistance. Cables should be #00 cable as a minimum, don't use cables designed for 12V, they are not heavy enough. What is the voltage at the battery when cranking. It should be at least 4.8v. Check next at the starter, it should be close
  4. Chuck, To tell the whole story, I wondered for a long time what the Delco switch did. I finally figured it out when I turned it on inside the trailer and noticed the dash lights come on. I made a starting video when I bought my S 36 and the prior owner told me about turning the switches off individually to check that both ignitions were working. When I bought my second S 36 with the bad left ignition, I found out it was good advice. I have no idea why it says Delco under that switch other than maybe Delco made the switch panel. If you ever stick your head under the dash, the
  5. Hupp36, The "Delco" switch on my Series 36 controls the dash lights and has nothing to do with the ignition. I usually run with both the left and right switches on and the double switch off. When shutting down, I turn off one switch, then turn it back on, then turn off the other switch, then finally go back and turn off the first switch to kill the engine. It should continue to run on either side of the ignition although not as well. This tells you that both ignition systems are working. When I first got my '27 Series 36, the prior owner told me it never ran as strong as his other S 36. By
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