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  1. thanks Dave. Maybe the other is the back coushion. Does the bottom frame sit in wood box or metal frame.? Jason
  2. Here's my 2 seat springs...are they front seat parts or rumble seat.?
  3. man thats great. Thanks for the pictures of rumble seat. Any way to send more of all sides...as I'm missing it all after looking at yours. I will build mine i guess.
  4. Thanks for the info thats a big help. I though that was the rear seat...maybe its the front then. Ya still would like a good picture of the same car rumble seat area. Great info 👍 The issues I'm having I need to know what's around the front windshield glass is your moldings trim House of Glass called in also the rear rumble seat clean the bottom back panel and the rumble seat what's in their wood metal missing it so I'm not sure and just looking for tail lights one tail light rumble seat handle latch. Any hints on getting the front side windows in the door to move up and down a lot smoother they seem to bind and I can't seem to get the rubber felt tracking installed glass won't fit then did somebody who's got some photos of they can help out with would be awesome. Jason
  5. I just bought a 1931sport Coupe and I'm trying to get it running and just safe it's in pretty good shape by all means it's not a show car it's a complete Beverly Hillbillies but I really enjoy it and want to keep it original in Old looking I need help with the rumble seat how things are fitted in the back and around the windshield trims, 9 could use some handles, cowling lights... I'll post some pictures of the car's condition and just send me an email with what you have