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  1. My father informed me apparently the C6 never had a "high stall"T.C. what are some details i should look for if it was modified?
  2. So does that mean it may be high stall modified or?
  3. Does anyone know the specs of the F28 Ford T.C? The PDF i have that i identified mine with doesnt say anything at its stall.
  4. I noticed the weld around the part that slides into the tranny on my OG T.C. has a more apparent weld around it and cleaner but that isn't much to go on. In the first picture, the top one is the OG
  5. I have a "new" C6 tranny that came with what I was told was a high stall converter. I removed my current believed stock converter and I can't find any Identification on the outsides of either one. They look similar but there is a difference in weight after I drained them. Could I get a little help please? I found codes inside on one of the gears that was the same in both which was "cpmpc c5tp-7926-B2" The "new" converter came with a orange ish red mark on it while my current one has a black and a separate green mark. I have found a PDF that shows torque converters of all kinds for all
  6. I am finishing my custom engine install with a 460 into my 78 tbird, I had the 1406 jetted and such for the 351m and I wanted to see what I should do for rods and jets now to have it tuned for my 460, also I live in Denver so altitude is needed to be heavily kept in mind for this. I appreciate any advice!
  7. Ive been looking and searching for at least a week and I cant find anything that shows promise. even conversion kits dont say much of how they will work or if at all/ all mounts I find arent the type my car has that fits over the frame for slide through bolts
  8. So the 351M I have in my tbird is giving out, and I have a 460 I want to put in. My big question is about the motor mounts, my current ones slide over the crossmember and the bolt slides through while I see 460 motor mounts are quite different. I see a set of aftermarket bundle mounts with two engine mounts that look like they slide over and the bolt through but it says its for a chevy so I dont know if they will work especially the tranny mount that it comes with for my C6. I could really use some help in finding something that will help
  9. My Tbird does have its factory gauges, but they have never malfunctioned or shown worrying signs. Not until, not at all exaggeration, I drove it in colorado. I heard I could move the sensor down near the oil filter but that would give optimistic readings and not the reading the OEM placement in the rear top gives for the end of the reverse lubrication I hear my motor has. I could look into a mechanical gauge and see. I do hear that my motor from factory comes with low oil pressure, just odd how I never had such issues till colorado happened. before I moved here I did install a 4 barrel
  10. So almost a year ago, I bought a motor that was very clean from a trustworthy car guy. he said the motor had been rebuilt but never really used, we checked the heads and they were clean, I put on a new mainfold and carb and it was incredibly clean also. I brought it to colorado and have had many issues that have only ever arisen here in colorado. My main issue now is after I drive my car for the time it takes to fully heat up, my tempature begins to climb and sometimes goes up to immediately go back down. Along with that my oil pressure plummets in lower rpms and when im not going 20 to 25
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