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  1. Hi David, My reply is from New Zealand, we are doing relatively well with this coronavirus, but still scary stuff. i bought a 1922 Buick 4 model 35 Tourer about a year ago. I took it to a mechanic who assured me. He knew all about the era of cars. $4,000.00 later I got it back running terribly. What I have learnt and what I know now, is that you just need to ask ! I have had members of our Buick club here in NZ ( its tiny compared to your country ) help me out. I feel rather humbled to meet the three guys that are going to help sort my car with me. These guys have seen me struggling and formulated a plan with bits of my car going all over the country to get sorted and then be reassembled and fine tuned. I was told today by Rob O'Keefe, (thank you) the club just want me to enjoy my car as much as they do !! i was ready to sell it ( at a loss ) because I felt it had beaten me but now I'm recharged and look forward to enjoying my car well into the foreseeable future. i have also had immense help and guidance from this site. Don't be afraid to ask, there are 100's of years of experience within these clubs !!!
  2. Thank you every one. I located. Them on Bob's website. They were out of stock so I'll phone them tomorrow. Thank you for your help. David
  3. Good afternoon, I trust everyone is safe from this terrible pandemic. New Zealand is actually a great place to live at the moment BUT Buick parts are difficult to source. Does anyone know if Bob's Automobile stock this elusive part, it a Column Trottle Bevel gear. Part number 252692. OR Can they be fixed ?? Mine is split in two. ?? Stay safe and be kind, David Marshall
  4. Hi Again Hugh, My computer has had a major melt down and I lost the photo you sent me of the hood iron set up measurements. I made a contact down in the South Island that may be onto some for me. Could I please bother you again to resend the photo and measurements. So sorry to be a pain. My email is dave.mat@xtra.co.nz Kind Regards David Marshall (1922 22-4-35)
  5. Thank you for the info on the timing ! I had a feeling that it may affect the operating temperature. Can some one with a similar car know the approximate cruising speed. I don’t want to push it. Thanks again Dave
  6. Hi all again, I’ve been out and about in the buick and it seems to cruise at 56km per hour ( a shade over 30mph ). Is this about the correct cruising speed. I’m thinking the timing may be a little out. She also ran very hot on one occasion and was told it may be running too lean but that’s another story. She is testing me alright 😢 Thanks in advance, David
  7. Thanks guys I really appreciate your help. I think the hood iron on mine are not the correct ones and will some modifications. would anyone mind measuring the length of each hood iron perhaps from the pivot to the wooden bow. if I set mine up the rear is not vertical and the front doesn’t quite reach the windscreen so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to find the correct ones in New Zealand so I’ll have to modify the ones I have.
  8. Oh gosh !!! Yes it’s a 1922-4-35 sorry!! Too busy worrying about my spelling
  9. Good afternoon everyone. Firstly I’d like to thank the people on this forum. You have provided me with many bits of information ( and some parts ) that has helped me immensely. todays query, is anyone able to send me a photo of the part that attaches the roof irons to the car body. There is a threaded part that is protruding from the body but I don’t think the irons bolt directly on to it. I’d also like to wish everyone a safe and festive holiday over Christmas 🎄 and hope you all get the buick parts we need !! (Hint - Santa )
  10. Is anyone able to date precisely when my car was made. It was imported to New Zealand from Canada. And right hand drive. ( the photo is upside because we are in New Zealand, actually I’m not sure why the photo did that. )
  11. Thank you Hugh, you have been a great source of knowledge and advice. I really do appreciate it. We don’t have winters in NZ that you guys would think cold. In fact we live 5km from a beach and it’s a warm climate 95% of the time. If it’s too cold I wouldn’t take her out. Thank you again, Dave
  12. Good afternoon everyone, I have my Buick semi sorted. BUT has anyone had experience running without the heating of the carb off the manifold ? The pipes that go from the manifold to the carburetor to warm up the fuel are beyond help. I was told to just take them off. The mechanic that has helped me said it will run a bit rough until the carburetor/engine gets warmed up. Also every time we put the choke back on the carburetor it started to flood. The car starts and runs really well without the choke ? Any thoughts or advise would be so much appreciated
  13. Thank you everyone for the advice. UPDATE My mechanic has set the float to 9/16's ( not show how to explain this but from the top of the carby bowl ). We've lapped the needle in again and AGAIN it flooded. The float has been coated in modellers "dope" to ensure it isn't absorbing the fuel. I'm getting really frustrated and each time we think we have it, it floods again. I have ordered a new float from the restoration supply co nearly 8 weeks ago but I'm still waiting for it. I'm guessing Covid19 is to blame. Can anyone suggest anything I'm perhaps missing please. Thank you everyone for the advise so far.. Regards David
  14. No I’ll get one and fit it. Thanks for the hint, Dave
  15. Using the vacuum tank and gravity feed. Cheers Dave
  16. Hi Mark. Yes it is correct. I’ll recheck tho. Thanks Dave
  17. Hello gentlemen. Thank you for the tips. I am using the original vacuum set up. I’ll give the grinding method a try. I do appreciate the help on this forum. Dave
  18. I’m having an issue with flooding. We have changed the float and she still floods. I’m going to change the key again ( I think the one I put it was poorly fitting ). Should I ( or can it be done ) lap the jet in to the seat. OR is there something I’m missing. I’m told it’s just another challenge NOT a problem. it’s the only thing holding me up to get on the road. Thank you in advance. David Marshall
  19. Hi Hugh Sorry for the late reply. I missed this part of the post for some reason. I would be keen to get hold of these if they were for sale. I really do appreciate your assistance. Kindest Regards David Marshall
  20. Good afternoon (NZ time anyway) The last issue before my car will drive without flooding. We pulled the carb apart and have found the issue of constant flooding after running great for 3 or 4 minutes. It appears to be the float - ( cork ) has become dry and porous. Have read in this forum the answer is to replace it. I have searched NZ and phoned all the old car experts and parts stockists to be told, mmmm no sorry. Is there a place to buy a replacement float OR does anyone know what I can seal it with please ? On a side not, someone in the last 98 years has wrecked the crew that holds the float hinge pin. Is there any trick to getting it loosened. I was told to give in couple of good belts with the correct size drift and then heat the area with a heat gun (For paint stripping). Hopefully this will get it loose enough. Does anyone know what the size screw is incase we have have to drill it out - last resort of course.
  21. Thank you Hugh, I appreciate your help. The most difficult thing will be to match the thread and its size i imagine. Kindest Regards David
  22. I am unable to find a 1922 Buick 4 Fuel cap (maybe called a gas cap in the USA) please. The neck of the gas tank (Petrol tank) has a very fine thread inside it. I'm only guessing but the petrol cap would screw into it and it will be vented I think. I am more than happy to pay for it and postage to New Zealand. I also don't have photo of what it looks like so if anyone is able to post a picture it would be greatly appreciated. We have a swap meet in October provided we don't go back to lockdown with this covid19. Currently we are able to have the meet so I could look for one there also, if I knew what it looked like.
  23. Hi a Terry, that would be absolutely amazing, I can't find any in New Zealand many thanks for looking into it for me, David Marshall
  24. I am getting a new roof ( convertible top ) made for my Buick Tourer (1922) the posts have holes in them at the top and the front hood bow ( wooden) has two clips attached that I'm guessing go over the tops of the posts. I'm missing the hardware that I presume goes through the clips and holes to secure the roof so it doesn't fly off when driving. I've seen Buick's that have wing bolts that go through these parts. Does anyone have a detailed, close up photo of the fitting and or the wing bolt please. I have a parts book book but not the correct year. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  25. Hi Mark, Yes the wood bows are the "blessed things" I'm have so much trouble trying to remove the last one !! I see Hugh (above post) has a problem with the same bow. Am i correct in thinking it is just merely stuck and the hinge is riveted into the top socket and not into the timber bow itself ? My wooden bows are in really good condition so I don't want to damage the at all.
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