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  1. Hi Hugh Sorry for the late reply. I missed this part of the post for some reason. I would be keen to get hold of these if they were for sale. I really do appreciate your assistance. Kindest Regards David Marshall
  2. Good afternoon (NZ time anyway) The last issue before my car will drive without flooding. We pulled the carb apart and have found the issue of constant flooding after running great for 3 or 4 minutes. It appears to be the float - ( cork ) has become dry and porous. Have read in this forum the answer is to replace it. I have searched NZ and phoned all the old car experts and parts stockists to be told, mmmm no sorry. Is there a place to buy a replacement float OR does anyone know what I can seal it with please ? On a side not, someone in the last 98 years has wrecked the
  3. Thank you Hugh, I appreciate your help. The most difficult thing will be to match the thread and its size i imagine. Kindest Regards David
  4. I am unable to find a 1922 Buick 4 Fuel cap (maybe called a gas cap in the USA) please. The neck of the gas tank (Petrol tank) has a very fine thread inside it. I'm only guessing but the petrol cap would screw into it and it will be vented I think. I am more than happy to pay for it and postage to New Zealand. I also don't have photo of what it looks like so if anyone is able to post a picture it would be greatly appreciated. We have a swap meet in October provided we don't go back to lockdown with this covid19. Currently we are able to have the meet so I could look for one there als
  5. Hi a Terry, that would be absolutely amazing, I can't find any in New Zealand many thanks for looking into it for me, David Marshall
  6. I am getting a new roof ( convertible top ) made for my Buick Tourer (1922) the posts have holes in them at the top and the front hood bow ( wooden) has two clips attached that I'm guessing go over the tops of the posts. I'm missing the hardware that I presume goes through the clips and holes to secure the roof so it doesn't fly off when driving. I've seen Buick's that have wing bolts that go through these parts. Does anyone have a detailed, close up photo of the fitting and or the wing bolt please. I have a parts book book but not the correct year. Any help would be very muc
  7. Hi Mark, Yes the wood bows are the "blessed things" I'm have so much trouble trying to remove the last one !! I see Hugh (above post) has a problem with the same bow. Am i correct in thinking it is just merely stuck and the hinge is riveted into the top socket and not into the timber bow itself ? My wooden bows are in really good condition so I don't want to damage the at all.
  8. Actually came across the car via Facebook! A bit of luck involved I think ,
  9. Hi, I’m trying remove the hood bows from the hood irons. I been able to ease three of them but.... the third one, that has a hinge on it ( see photo ) that doesn’t want to budge. I have taken the screws out and the nails. Are the brackets screwed to the bows Or are they rivets and have I missed something Also I’m thinking of having them powder coated, has anyone done this or is painting better. Thanks for your help. Cheers David
  10. Hi, thank you for your reply. I understand there is one 22 Buick in a town called Wanganui that's about a 50 minute drive from my home. I have the owners details so I'm definitely going to make contact. i believe there are very few 22-4-35 models in NZ so 2 may be correct. Ive joined the Buick register in NZ and Graham is a very helpful chap indeed. I'll join the Australian register today ! thanks again David
  11. Hello all, I've been so lucky to have been able to purchase a 1922 Buick Tourer in New Zealand. It has been restored in the eighties and has be laid up in storage for the last 25 years. A wonderful Buick man helped the previous owners get it ready and drove it on the truck before heading to me. ( about a 10 hour drive and 3 hour boat trip.). I bought it sight unseen and am absolutely ecstatic with it. There is a bit of recommissioning work to do before she will be road legal but hopefully she will be ready in a month or so. I have to get a convertible top made for it and a bit of touch up
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