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  1. Ok gents, a follow up.. I checked the filament and ground, all of which I believe securely attached. One thing of note I did find... the right signal indicator blinks slower than the left, noticeably so and the bulb shines much dimmer than the left. I know I’m my newer vehicles the turn signals will flash faster or slower if a headlight is burned out. The right putter headlight is in fact burned out so is it possible that could be the culprit? I’m going to obviously replace it anyway, but the week or do it’ll take to be shipped will leave me wondering.
  2. And come to think of it... the two front marker lights don’t work at all. (This is only day number 1 of me owning it)
  3. It was “on” because the headlights were on due to ambient darkness.... same too goes for the tail lights. The attempted right turn signal was done upon entering a situation where I needed to make a right hand turn and I noticed the signal indicator in the car was solid and not flashing. I then switched it to the left signal which continued to blink as it should.. I got out of the car when I reached my destination and got out of the car, with the headlights on and tried the right signal, when I did, there was no flashing or tail light on the right. I turned off the headlights and the tail light and turn signal worked. I’m appreciative of the advise and as soon as I get home I’ll start looking at bulbs and grounds.
  4. Hello all, I recently purchased a 1966 Skylark, so I am new to the breed. Historically I’ve been a Mopar guy so there’s a lot to the GM world I’m learning. my question is.... when I turn on the headlights the R rear tail light goes out and the blinker indicator in the car stays on solid (doesn’t blink). Additionally, and I believe they’re related, I think there’s a parasitic drain. Again, I’m guessing caused by the same culprit. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I should begin to look for the problem? Since everything works fine when the headlights are off, I don’t believe it’s an issue with the ground. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Randy