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  1. Looking for any 33 x 4 1/2 tires for sale in good, usable condition. I'm located in McPherson, Kansas.
  2. I'm in need of a spare demountable rim for my 1923 Buick. Should be 24." I do not need the hub, spokes, or felloe - just the rim itself. I'm located in McPherson, Kansas.
  3. Hi all, I acquired this 23-6-41 in February from McPherson College. The car is a remarkable original, carrying its original paint and upholstery. When I got it, the (non-functioning) odometer showed just a tad over 9,000 miles. While at the College, we recommissioned the car mechanically, building a new fuel tank, made the vacuum tank work properly, relined the brakes, and generally did any service the car needed. Since acquiring it in February, I've pulled the pan down to take up the bearings (all have plenty of shims and I got them set between .002-.0025"), rebuilt the speedo
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