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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any sort of checklist that I could consider when it comes to starting a 1911 buick model 21 that has not been ran since the mid 90s. It has been garage kept since then, but obviously it cannot be turned on instantly after sitting with no maintenance in nearly 25 years. It is a broad question I know, but any information is appreciated. And so far I know that the magneto is working properly and it has been up on compression and all of the rocker arms are functioning properly. I just do not really know where to go from here. And as the title hints a
  2. I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply but i am located in Georgia. Anyone who is interested or has any available advice for me would be beyond appreciated. The oil pan is not dropped....yet. thinking it should be, especially since the oil level dipstick is broken. I will take some other photos this evening to send to you guys in regards to the rocker arm and have any of you replaced exhaust? Just wondering what steps are taken to do that and what materials are recommended for it. Thank you guys for your interest and assistance!
  3. well i am trying to get it to crank. The magneto has supposedly been an issue and the main reason it has not run in over 20 years, but after getting the magneto squared away and its timing right, I have come to find that the rocker arm closest to the front of the engine is broken. Thankfully that is the only problem at this point. anyone have any ideas on how or where to find something like that? (if even possible0
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the group, and especially the Buick community. Any way, I am in possession of this gorgeous Buick Model 21 and its original parts manual. I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about this model still existing or where I could look for potential values and model information. Thank you all in advance for any help!
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