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  1. Not sure my plans, but I haven't got rich so far!! And I still haven't found the keys even.
  2. Not too excited but the closest city was 14 miles away and these relatives probably only went there once a month, so 20K would be pretty close in my guess-ti-mation! And they barely left the ranch!
  3. What the heck is it??? Got an old Ford in the barn the I am trying to get in a safer place to evaluate. Not sure of the year or info and got to move some wood to get a better look at the motor and such. Seems to suggest 20K on the mileage. Sorry for the lame picts, taking a photo wasn't the primary objective yesterday.
  4. Got this on my property, what the heck is it?? Has Buick on the wheel hubs that are on the wooden rims. Still honestly in pretty good shape since it is dry here.
  5. Hi folks, new to the forum in southern Colorado. Got an old Buick on my property and wish to find out some info on it!
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