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  1. Plus Buick run in the family. This is mine.
  2. Thanks for the help Brian.
  3. Thanks Hugh. The purchase was documented in his ledger. He included the plate, engine number and VIN number. Purchase price was $1,350.00. He put $700.00 down, and made payments of $57.49 per month for 1 year. I wish I could have that deal. How would you suggest trying to find if it is still around? I tried a couple of automotive VIN sites, but you need a 17 digit VIN.
  4. I am researching a car my grandfather used to own. I have the vin, but no specifics about the car. I would like to know what it was. VIN is 1047526, engine # 1061938, only identified as Buick six. Entry from his journal says it was bought June 14, 1923. Photo is below. Any information would be appreciated.
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