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  1. I was under my 1952 special, the frame has alot of warping. I was wondering if this is repairable or am I screwed and need a new one?
  2. Hi, I am selling the engine and transmission from my 1952 Buick Special. I am in Durham NC, I will put it on a pallet if you want it shipped or you can come pick it up (it is currently in the car so I need time to pick it). I was told it was running a few years ago, but based on the brown coolant I would probably rebuild it. I will include, the engine, trans, intake and exhaust headers, original carb and fan. I have the original radiator also if you want that. I bought a motor so I would like to get rid of it as soon as possible. Message me with questions.
  3. Thanks I have actually decided to make this a hot rod so I am going to hold off on the floors because I'm going to need to alter them for the bigger motor and transmission.
  4. So the two biggest issues with my 1952 Buick Special 2 Door is the rear fenders and all of the floors. I have been looking for floor and trunk pans everywhere but nobody sells them for my car. Does anyone know if the other GM Car floors, rockers and trunks match the buick? I am thinking early 50's chevy's or olds would work. I am not looking to pay 2K for floor pans either. I think around a 1000 for rockers, pans and trunk parts.
  5. I have a 1952 Buick Special 2 Door Hardtop that I am working on. They last guy cut the rear wheel wells out of the car so I need the rear quarter panels. I know it is kind of a rare car but if anyone has a parts car or knows of a place that makes reproduction ones I am looking to buy a set. Need both side. I am in NC but will pay shipping if it is far away. Thanks,
  6. I just got a 1952 Buick Special 2 door coupe, and looking to make it into a hot rod. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for an engine. I was thinking a 427 or bored out 350. I would like at least 400 hp. What would fit nice? By the way it currently has the original straight 8 with auto trans in it if someone wants to talk trade. Thanks.
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