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  1. Also to be completely honest my grandfather bought this car used in 58’ and was the second owner I am now the third. The car has 88436 original miles on it. He passed the car down to me when he passed away two years ago as I was the only one in the family that has interest in cars and would help him maintain it in his declining years and then take him for rides. Last night was the first night out with the car for the summer and well grandma was the first one to go for a ride with me.
  2. Does anyone have a diagram for the steering wheel, the horn goes off inadvertently while driving or even parked and is becoming a pain so I need to pull it apart and find the problem.
  3. Hello to all, new to the group but had the 53 Pontiac for a few years now. It’s a new learning curve for me so I may be looking for help from time to time as I’m young and this is a little foreign to me the six volt system and such.
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