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  1. All, I am looking fo a Dimmer Switch for my 1936 Chrysler C8. The switch is the same for the Chrysler C7, C8, C9, C10, or C11, and the P/N is 655559. Thanks so much. Joe
  2. Good morning everyone, I thought I would provide another brief update. I have determined that this car was originally painted black and had a red (burgundy) leather interior so I will be taking it back to its factory configuration. Repainting the engine compartment complicates a few things for me. I will need to remove the engine to do it properly, and if I have the engine out, I might as well do some sprucing up. I have the factory wiring harnesses (from Rhode Island Wiring) but I do not want to install them before paint. Ugh. It feels like a domino effect, and no matter whi
  3. Thanks Jonas. I would love to see an under-the-seat picture. There are no mounting brackets or open screw holes or anything I can see which suggest that my jack was ever under the seat. This said, perhaps I am looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing. Thanks so much! Joe
  4. The post is almost a year old, do not be surprised if there is no response. Joe
  5. Greetings All, I do not have a jack handle in my 1936 C8 and I was wondering if anyone could post an image of what a factory jack and jack handle look like. Additionally, where are these items stored on a 1936 convertible coupe C8? I do not see a storage location for the jack and jack handle as I examine the car. Thanks so much in advance. Joe
  6. No, I have not taken it off yet, but I can find one on the Internet. Let me find one and post it.
  7. All, My driver’s side door latch on my 1936 Chrysler Airstream failed (stress fracture) and I am looking for a replacement. As far as I can tell, any 1936-1937 left hand front or rear chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, or Plymouth door latch should work. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Warm Regards, Joe
  8. Thank so much Keiser. My Deluxe Airstream is different than this, and I am uncertain if any of the parts I have are original other than the lenses and maybe the headlight chrome rings. The reflectors I have do not seem to match the headlight chrome ring. I need someone who owns an airstream to upload images of their reflector, chrome ring, and headlamp lens. One would think that assembly of the headlamp would be easy, but the sealed beam conversion that someone did on my Airstream makes me completely unsure of what parts I need to put the headlamp assembly back to original. One would think
  9. Good morning all, I am trying to remove the sealed beam conversion kit on my Airstream and installed the original headlight lenses and reflectors. I could really use some close up images of how the original headlight lenses and reflectors mount for a 1936 Chrysler. My maintenance manual is virtually worthless. Can anyone assist? Thanks so much, Joe
  10. Thanks Jonas. I noticed that several years have black listed as 103-105 although I do not understand why (yet). One thing I have noticed is that Black is always listed as a 1xx. Part of the fun of this hobby for me is figuring out the details. 🙂
  11. So..... I walk out to my car and find a location where the paint was cracking (several places on the front fender) and taking a knife point, lift the edge of one of the cracks... a large piece of paint lifted off. Underneath? The original black paint, scuffed up lightly, but with the original patina. I am going to life the paint in a few other locations just to see what the original paint looks like underneath. I will take some images and post them here. Color code 104 = Black paint Interior code 482 = Red leather interior Code DG = Deluxe 8 cylinder Code 6WH = D
  12. Another update... code 1xx is black for Chrysler for the years surrounding 1936, but is not listed as black for 1936. I find it difficult to believe that Chrysler made palm green (the apparent color of my car) coded 104 for 1936 and black for all other years. It is important to note that all greens are coded 3xx for 1934-1937 (and probably other years). I need to find a location on my car that would never have been painted and verify the color.... now to figure out where that location might be. Oh the joy. LOL. Joe
  13. I need definitive proof of what paint color 104 represents. The firewall on this car appears to be original, but I absolutely cannot believe that anyone would order a green car with a red interior. I have not found a single reference that shows paint code 104 for a 1936 Chrysler.
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