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  1. Thanks so much Keiser31! It appears to be much different than I expected. If I were a betting man, I'd say it will take me some time to find these two missing parts. 🙂 Thanks again!
  2. All, I think I have moved all of the Airstream posts from this forum to the Airstream forum. If you run into any Airstream posts I may have missed and you want me to move them, just post a link to the thread here or send me a PM and I will move the post. Best, Joe
  3. It has been quite some time since I updated this thread so here is a quick update. I have received and installed two new emergency brake cables (boy do the small things matter sometimes), my new convertible top, and a complete set of wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring are in transit now. I had the Chrysler appraised and I am waiting to here back from the appraisal company next week. I will use the appraised price to pay the gentleman who gave me the car. With respect to how the Chrysler is running, the only issue I am having is that it is still hard to start after a lon
  4. Greetings Airflow and Airstream owners. We now have our own forum right under the Airflow forum. Now that we have our own forum, let’s be considerate and try to post in the Airstream forum and not the Airflow forum. A big thanks to Peter Gariepy for creating the Airstream forum. I will see if I can get the Airstream posts sprinkled throughout this forum moved to the Airstream forum just to clean things up here a bit. Joe
  5. Good evening all, Peter Gariepy was kind enough to create a Chrysler Airstream forum. We are no longer relegated to the general Chrysler forum, and hopefully, no longer prone to accidentally posting in the Chrysler Airflow forum. Thanks so much, Peter! Airstream owners, rejoice. 🙂 Joe
  6. @All, I’d like to thank Peter Gariepy for creating this Airstream sub forum. Let’s hope there are enough of us Airstream owners here that we can keep this sub forum from dying out. Thanks Peter! Joe
  7. I just read through this entire thread, and all I can say is... Amazing. When I think that I have skills when it comes to restoring cars, I read threads like this which remind me that I am essentially... a hack. What a wonderful restoration project. A huge thanks to the OP for taking the time to share this with us. Joe
  8. I have owned Corvairs all of my life... literally. The value of this corvair in my opinion is a very nice factory original interior, and low mileage engine and transmission. I would absolutely not undertake a restoration... rust scares the bejeezus out of me. Corvairs came with one (turbo), two (standard), or four (140hp) carburetors. I assume you are wondering about the fact that it has air cleaners on both heads, one per side?
  9. All, Here is a link to a pdf file with almost 1,000 images of the Goring Mercedes. It is easier to share these images this way rather than post them here. https://bravemailuncp-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/west_uncp_edu/EfDDRpHTmVxEgFNbjf7XimIBECLmlrkMGpCLseAos2pAHQ Enjoy. Joe
  10. Thanks so much Craig. It was really nice talking to you today. Although I did not order the brake cables since I found two NOS cables, I appreciate VERY much the fact that you had NOS 11" brake shoes for my Chrysler. I have not been able to find them anywhere, and the fact that you knew all the details about my chrysler was extremely nice... in fact, you taught me some things about my chrysler. Nice! Thanks again Craig. I look forward to my next order of parts. Joe
  11. Would it be appropriate for me to post pictures of Hermann Goring’s 540k Mercedes? The gentleman who owns all of these cars also owns Herman Goering’s 1941 540k Mercedes. I understand that anything associated with Hitler may be sensitive and I do not want to offend anyone, but I suspect that there are some people who might be interested in Goering’s Mercedes. It is not restored and it has been partially disassembled. Thoughts on whether or not I should post images?
  12. One more bit of information: code 482 is leather. I found this page in an eBay auction. I ordered the book. The information is in the lower right hand corner.
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