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  1. Hi All, I found this on eBay for $5.00, thought someone might be interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402787958199?ul_noapp=true Joe
  2. Yellow with a blue interior... hmmmmm. I hope the outside was repainted; that color combination is not particularly attractive in my opinion. Other than the color combination, that is an amazing car... rolling art in my opinion. Joe
  3. Thanks Eric. The bumper brackets have the holes for the steamer trunk and I have been looking for the trunk and brackets to no avail. This said, I did not know that the steamer trunk required a different bumper. I assumed that there was only one bumper for my car and mine was correct. Now that I look at my bumper, it definitely looks odd being rounded, especially after looking at the flat bumper. Joe
  4. Hmmmmm.... this car on BAT appears to have the same curved rear bumper as mine: 1936 Chrysler Dual Side Mount Airstream on BAT Maybe my bumper is correct.
  5. @VW4X4 Eric, Any chance you could start a thread with pictures of your coupe? I know you think that it is not presentable, but I would love to see some images. Joe
  6. It certainly helps. It looks like my rear bumper is the same as a car with a rear mounted spare. Thanks so much! I suspect it should be flatter. I am looking for other dual side mount C8s to see what their rear bumpers look like.
  7. Hi Eric, Thanks for the update. My dual side mount tires are original or the body ID tag on the firewall has been changed. The body ID tag lists the dual side mount tires as factory installed. There are some images on the Internet that I can use to compare my rear bumper to several other C6 and C8 rumble seat convertibles. I am working on the car today, but once I finish, I will do an Internet search of some images and post what I find. Thanks again for helping me with this Eric. Joe
  8. Thanks Eric. I will definitely keep my eye out for a speedometer and I will likely post in the part wanted area here. With respect to the rear bumper, I never gave it much attention since it looked fine to me. Now I need to go off and find some pictures to make sure I know the difference and then find the correct bumper... Ahhhhh... the joy of the hunt! 🙂 Thanks again for your sharp eye... this is a tremendous help. Joe
  9. I have a 36 C8 with the factory fuel lines still in it if it will help at all. Let me know. Joe
  10. Thanks Eric. I will restore it in steps to make certain I do not get in over my head. I have never once completely disassembled a restoration. I appreciate your comments... too many cars are abandoned in baskets. With respect to the speedometer, I JUST learned about this a week ago and now you noted it as well. I am looking for the correct speedometer. Right now, Chrysler Historical is not sending out build documents so I have no way of knowing whether my car came from the factory with OD or not. The emergency brake system is correct for an OD car, but of course, the entire system could
  11. Here are a couple of images from today’s Wall Street Journal.
  12. Reminds me of the gas cap on our 1961 Rambler Cross Country Station Wagon.
  13. I have twice had individuals tell me that someone else had the parts I need and that I should contact the other person who lives in XYZ via email. Before I knew better, I contacted the people, and both times they wanted electronic pay. I refused, but in one case, I actually sent a $35 check to an address. Turns out that the address was bad and I ended up putting a stop payment on the check. People can find pictures of parts on the web and send you images. One way to resolve this problem is to get a referral from someone you trust, verify the payment address and a phone number at the addres
  14. I have seen the images of Russ' gold convertible on the Internet. Stunning car. Rats... I just realized that my shift knob is not correct after looking at Russ' car. One more thing to add to the list. Ugh. LOL.
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