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  1. Good idea - I did find fisher body manual online so will get that...need to hunt for the chassis one. I did also pickup the Haynes repair manual that covers the car, maybe that is already a decent alternative to the chassis manual? One downside is I suck w/ a wrench lol... (but I do have a great mechanic I use)
  2. Any good web sites / FAQs with a list of recommended maintenance for an 84 Buick Riviera...I just recently purchased one, it's got the V8 307 engine and around 38k miles in total. I've only driven it maybe 300 miles tops in the 3 months I've had the car (i.e. it's not going to be my daily driver) and it's been running nice and smooth / no issues. I have put on new wheels, plus an alignment, and upon delivery I did an oil change and brake flush. The bumper fillers seem in really good shape too, so given the age my guess is they have been replaced but I don't have any records of previous services done to the car unfortunately. However I'd like to prepare and schedule out future maintenance on it, as it's in excellent condition and I want to keep it that way. Also I'd be interested to know the most likely trouble spots...I've heard basically good things about the engine, but the front drive and transmission may be causes for concern. What about the timing chain? Given it's age, yet low miles, is the timing chain something to concern myself with? Thanks in advance for any advice and pointers! Scott