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  1. Wow you guys are awesome! I'm more a 50's 60's car guy, so I have no clue on these classics. I'm amazed of the depth of knowledge you all have on these cars. My dad loved these cars. I took him to the Peterson Museum here in L.A. about a year before he passed and he was like a kid in a candy store. I too learned to really appreciate them as well and when I came across this picture of my grandpa's car, I just had to find out what is was- I'm a lot closer than I was before thanks to you all. I'm kind of leaning towards the '22 Hudson, I just wish I could get a little cleaner shot. I'm going to send the negative to a pro photo shop to see what they can do and then re-post. Thanks again!
  2. I found this old hard negative which I scanned of my grandpa's car- very fuzzy to say the least. He passed at 31 when my dad was 10. My dad passed a few years ago, so I have no one to identify this car. It appears to be mid to late 1920's car and I think my dad said it was a Franklin, but I have not be able to confirm. The large vents on the side of hood and very squared cab weren't too helpful. I never realized how many cars from this era looked similar to this! Another car I found similar was a Rollin. Any expert help to identify my Grandpa's car would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All! Mike L.