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  1. I will be removing the tires as soon as I get an opportunity. The one answer I seem to be unable to get is are they worth anything and how much? Worst scenario to best....any idea? I do not have a use for them, Been sitting in my garage for 10+ years and would like to sell them.
  2. Anyone have an idea what the rims may be worth with the tires removed?
  3. Tires are like stone. What is the best way to remove the tires? I was thinking about starting with a reciprocating saw.
  4. They weigh a ton.....cannot believe how heavy they are. Been sitting in my garage for over 10 years and have no use for them. Are they worth anything considering they are aftermarket?
  5. Glad you asked.....lol. Cleaned it off and says Ford made in the USA. Any idea how old they are?
  6. Anyone have any idea what year and model car these tires go to?
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