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  1. The whole right side which is two bulbs for brake. Swapped the working driver side bulb into the passenger side and no go. Put the non working one in the driver side and it worked so it seems like the wiring running to the passenger side brake lights has an issue.
  2. So it looks like the fuse was bad. Replaced this and got power to the driver side brake light and is working but not the passenger side. All running lights work just doesn't pulse brake on passenger side.
  3. I do not have a tilt column. Rear blinkers are also not working, which leads me to believe it is the column blinker switch.
  4. Hi all, my 1965 Skylark Brake lights don't seem to be working. I turn the car on, no brake lights. Pull the lights knob, I get solid 6 running lights across the rear but still no brakes. I've replaced the brake switch on the pedal and still no brakes. Is the logical next step the blinker switch in the column?