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  1. it is still for sale Mikes number is 8107901812 he lives in Port Huron Michigan
  2. Billy we just had one at a restaurant sunday in sylvania and the other one on Saturday was in Maumee
  3. Doug, it is harder to find parts for a chevrolet but some model T parts do work on the 490 (dont tell some people that they dont like to hear that.) It has electric start as by 1915 it was standard on chevrolets. Yes it has a leather clutch which takes a little to get used to. It has rear mechanical brakes only. Chevrolet started model years around August the date on the head is late August if I remember correctly.
  4. I still have this available I actually just had it at a local car show yesterday if you want a car that turns heads at a show and can show the early history of Chevrolet then do not let this slip by you.
  5. My good family friend asked me to post about this beautiful suburban. It only has 30600 original miles on it. He acquired it from the original family from Arkansas It has never seen snow, never pulled a trailer. It is absolutely spotless inside and out. He just had the original tires replaced due to dry rot. He has it posted on eBay I will include the link there. He is asking 18k for it. His phone number is 8107901812 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-GMC-Suburban/283944953814?hash=item421c7027d6:g:KhEAAOSwLfBfCgG4
  6. I am listing my 1917 490 Roadster (turtle deck) for sale. This is a very early built 1917 as it has the steering gear box mounted up at the fire wall which Chevrolet later on in 1917 moved down to the frame it also has the square tube radiator which was 1916 and early 1917. The number on the head is 8 24 16 also the vin number is a low number for 1917. I showed this car last year at the VCCA Central meet and it scored 991 out of 1000 points. The car runs great I don't drive it much as I have a 1915 Baby Grand and that is easier for having a family and driving around. The car is located In the
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