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  1. Jeje right! we have good private highways and the police are unforgiving !!! but in my case the rallies that we organize will be on rough dirt roads !! where endurance is paramount and speed is not that important! (Patagonia, Pacific Ocean, Atacama Desert) the tire that you indicate of that bentley is spectacular! Thanks for your post!
  2. ohh very good the dunlop R1 are really nice tire!! thanks my friend.
  3. Gary, If the cylinder head goes to my destination, I will buy it! I will continue to tell you about my project, thanks for your support!
  4. Dear carl thanks for your recommendation! my Studebaker Grand Prix will be built for long endurance rallies and not for speed. This car will be for the routes of Chile as they are in Patagonia or in the driest desert in the world! I hope you can visit my country again! Regards
  5. once again you have helped me. I'm going to measure compression to see how my engine is doing! Those orange head, are they for competition? are they hard to get? best
  6. i very good option blockley´s!!!! I asked Lucas if they have the dunlop R1 and do not bring it to the United States. thanks fo all.
  7. thanks for your offers but need 700 x 19 nico
  8. Hello everyone! Does anyone have literature on the piston compression of a Studebaker President Eigth , FE Victoria State? 336.6 cu. in Ratio compression 5.0 to 1 Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi Ben, I really appreciate your post. I will contact him. Regards.
  10. I'm looking for Grand Prix tires from the 30s. I already saw in Coke Tires with no result. anyone have another website to search? Thank you!!
  11. Hello everyone, I will tell you details of my project. I have finally received a new engine from a FE President Victoria. rotates and so far looks good. I wanted to know if someone can help me with the factory compression of the pistons. I don't need the compression ratio. I have also received my 19 rim set. I am looking for 700-gauge Excelsior Tires The Comp H for vintage racers tires. Any recommendation? Thanks !!
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