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  1. Hi to all ! I looking for 4 or 5 wheels 18 - 19 inch for my Studebaker race car proyect in any condition. Like new or used with rust! Thanks
  2. Hello to all! , I send more photos so you know how I get there and how I go! if i could clarify the vin number you could much better investigate the origin of this car! In Chile there must be about 20 studebakers between president, dictator, comander ... Also I looking for the original wheels ...
  3. wow Rex that information did not have it. As soon as I can get out I will go and look at the chassis.
  4. hi Rex! thanks for your posting. the truth is that you make me doubt if I continue with the race car. that touring is unique. I just only have the engine, chassis, differential, front, rear, and torpedo. I have nothing else! It is a very powerful project and at least 3-4 years of work. I think I will not be willing to invest so much money and time for a car that is perhaps not worth over 100k. If someone wants to do it write me. I can get an engine and get on with my race car project. I just like make my baquet for drive in my country and argentina too. It is a historical recreation that is also of national interest in my country. I saw your email and I will reply shortly! Best!
  5. Ok ok I will check it. If I find the engine number, can I find out the production numbers and find the vin number? With these two numbers I can legalize the vehicle and I would be able to circulate !!
  6. what you write in this post makes me hesitate to make the race car. I am very impressed that so few units were manufactured. Thank you for clarifying my doubts regarding the original model! Only 60 units in the 1929 wow .. I'm in shock! rebuilding the body would certainly be a lot of work and getting the missing parts and pieces could take many years! I will try to make the baquet in the most original way possible !! I am very sorry to lose the vin number and the motor number I will do another search again !! Thank you again!!
  7. Ignacio and his father are enthusiastic old car restored from the south of my country and fans of the brand studebaker and Chrysler 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. ohh good, more trust for me to make a deal !! I know Ignacio well, I am in constant contact with him and we have friends in common. this world is small! I am writing to you asap!
  9. hello studerex! As you have seen I am in a difficult position to negotiate. 😬. however I am interested in the one with the most engine benches and the one that turns the motor. Also if is 29-31 will ve crear too. I contact you by intern! thank you very much to all. We will see how this beautiful story continues.
  10. ok ok! I will keep it in mind your offer. Thank you! I'm going to give my Studebaker's engine a chance! I am telling you everything! I'll keep looking for connecting rods and valves !! 😊👏🏻💪🏻
  11. Thanks, do you have any motor or block for sale? I have a forwarder in Miami and they will send it to me easily. I must send a car and spare parts in a 40 'container. I have the space available. we are going to remove the sleeve from the current cylinder to see how the crack is I will tell you.
  12. Hello everyone, you have a wonderful experience about this wonderful car. I am going to save it and thanks to the info provided I am motivated and glad, I go step by step .. I tell you that we discovered that a cylinder came out of the block and it has a horrible weld. The company where I am going to rectify the engine is going to sleeve and I bought set pistons fromHolland by ebay that are original. The measure will be given by the pistons. I need the valves, valve guide and especially new connecting rods because the ones that have the measurements are all different and the bolts must have a good torque. but it certainly won't give much compression to the engine. Hopefully I have resistance because my "baquet" is not for tracks day, is for long and bad routes. ( patagonia and desert)
  13. I am looking for a complete set of pistons, connecting rods, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rings, for my Studebaker 29’ in good condition, any info or offers appreciated! thanks friends!