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  1. Thank you very much for the comments I just wanted to alert this great community !!! greetings to all and happy weekend
  2. amazing and continues to operate without any problem. I do not live in the US and if I could I would report it to the FBI cyber crime.
  3. that's right, my bad. I'm just uploading this post to alert people to this guy. Cheers
  4. I do not know. He contacted me because I posted my email in an offer and wrote to me under this email: nicolasburwell78@gmail.com
  5. friends be very careful with a certain nicolas burwell. He contacted me through aaca forum and he offered me a studebaker to disarm. I almost fell into his trap.
  6. Does anyone have the torques for the cylinder head crank banks? And what regulation do the intake and exhaust valves have? Thanks!!
  7. hello friends of the aaca forum !! I report with my project of a Grand Prix car studebaker model president nicknamed “el cabro”. finally ! They already gave me the engine !!! a great job was done !! the original pistons and connecting rods the babbit was made as it was done in the 30’. crankshaft rocking and valve seats were Perfect! I hope to paint and assemble soon!
  8. Hello !! I am looking for distributator delco 668c for my Studebaker President FE. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. (nicomacan@gmail.com)
  9. I am looking for a starting motor and distributor for a 1929 studebaker president. Any information or offer is appreciated!! (nicomacan@gmail.com)
  10. Thank you Ed. This 75 will be in good hands !! I will send you pics 😊
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