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  1. I am looking for a starting motor and distributor for a 1929 studebaker president. Any information or offer is appreciated!! (nicomacan@gmail.com)
  2. Thank you Ed. This 75 will be in good hands !! I will send you pics 😊
  3. Hello, good day, I am trying to locate you since last week I am interested in this 75 my number is 3058922800 and my email is nicomacan@gmail.com thanks
  4. Hello Friends, I leave you progress of my project. The engine that Rex sold me is very good, a solid block. The cylinder head is already rectified. I have bought some original NOS pistons that I bought in the Netherlands. They waited for me 90 years! Incredible they were oversized. I only have the issue of connecting rods pending, I hope I can babbitted in the United States there are very good companies. I leave you a couple of photos .
  5. hahaha what a good story and experience you have lived in Chile. Today waze is used and the police enjoy great prestige because no one can corrupt our "" carabineros ". Not like in other Latin American countries where everything is solved with a ticket and is part of the monthly salary of a policeman. Today there are very fast highways linking the country very efficiently. All thanks to the private sector. Living and enjoying the landscapes of Chile in an old car is a tremendous experience of complete freedom! Thanks you for your post!
  6. Yes, with old engines everything can happen and everything has a solution thanks
  7. Hi Kurt any of the three engines works for us the current block is cracked and we are evaluating welding or finding another motor on the market !! thank for your help !
  8. Hi, I'm looking for an engine for a chrysler CD8, if someone has one for sale, can you please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have interest charles. I will write direct in your email. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello I am looking for connecting rods with good metals for my Studebaker President Victoria engine. If someone has for sale, they have a deal
  11. Hello friends !! I finally got back to work on my project! now I started to disassemble the engine and it looks pretty good !! I share images and videos! I am looking for connecting rod metals !! will exist in the market? Incredible the good quality of the metals of the North American industry of those years !! #studebaker #elcabro
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