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  1. Best wishes and a speedy and healthy recovery to good friend Bob!!! As for the motorcyclist, we hope he will recover soon as well,but we(I) hope he will never have the privilege to ride a motorcycle again! (I'm that way)πŸ˜’
  2. It seems to me the difference between a hoarder and a collector should be self evident ,(if you know the definition of the words)? We have a hoarder in the family and it's not easy. They hoard all sizes of boxes and cardboard and bring in new scraps almost daily and have we to secretely dispose of it ,but keep enough (hoard stock) around as not to freak them out or they will just triple their efforts, like the run on toilet paper..LOL! It's like "ground hog day "the movie's repetition, as if we are getting ready to move,every day, but we're not! "OH! I brought home more boxes, they're real good ones! ,and some cardboard too", but we have no need. Once in a while we hear"they'll be good for something,some day "or "maybe you can use these,they were just gonna toss them out at work,so I brought them home". Our enclosed front porch is stacked up on one side,15% of the basement and 40% of the double garage's walk up loft is loaded with whole boxes and collapsed cardboard. One mistake I personal made years ago was to use large cardboard flats to slide under the cars to work them and our truely most beloved hoarder notice ! In the grand scheme of things, love wins out, after all it's only the untiddiness , tripping over and degree of fire hazard that is trouble..so no big deal.😨🍸
  3. If it is not a CALL and or text and a text only..I never take the ad as serious,especially with practically no information. I find sellers like this, if real ? are so incompentent in communication and dealing with selling,it's more frustrating then restoring a car. For me ,all contact and dealing has to be 99% easy,cut and dry and straight forward..or I quicky walk away.. The finding , purchase and getting the car should be one (for me)of the most pleasent and fun experiences that add to this whole mess of vintage cars.. If you put up with a confusing hassle an struggle with crappy sellers just to buy a car..one is just as big a dope on top of fooling with the cars to begin with,in my opinion. One first original 2 or 3 minute phone call would lay out the deal about the car and inspection time agreed on. One text inquirey ,if you get a reply back, leads to 5 or 10 cryptic nonsense texts with Craigslist and Facebook market place hack sellers. These sellers want ten or twenty grand for something and they do not make themselves that available and are generally indifferent = blase..and ignorant of what they are selling. Now see what I'm really like when giving up my morning "Boilermaker" to get me settled for a day.😣 The martini's just aren't doing it.πŸΈπŸ˜‡
  4. My dear Buick friend, I'll be blunt with my opinion,I don't think there is going to be one living soul ,EVER! who is going get all ruffled over or question those pan bolts being replaced with any other period style plan bolts. The fact the car is being worked on now, tosses out all that "it's never been a part " junk. The value of the 100%original pan bolt set on this car will have no future affect on the cars value at all to any reasonable and rational car person. I've seen guys who won't even change a gasket because it's the original ,yet will sloppy goop it up and reuse it.., but they can say it has " all the gaskets are original". I'm not impressed. . Don't let pure originality,an overzealous ego,and brain washing of very minor things like simple pan bolts get too extreme! Especially on a non concours automobile of modest value. What are you going to do when you get a broken lock washer? look for 1948 Buick lock washers used on oil pan bolts? And please,please ,stop using something for degreaser that is so corrosive it ruins what is being degreased... By seeing the new flash rust on on your E1 bolt that has no original signs of metal finish and age oxidation left at all, (though now clean),your using too strong an acid product for grung removal. If your stuck on having those bolts in your head,start looking for a parts engine.( that's never been apart?)πŸ˜€ Preserve what is the most imporant. Paint,interior,bright work.. Best wishes from nasty Big Mouth. A.K.A DMS
  5. For fun, this what I had on hand . Red grinding stone wheel and what's left of a black re-inforced cut off disk .Both I used to trim cut in place some one inch by 1/8" flat metal flat stock. The black 50% used up .040 thin disk stays inline much truer..the red stone can wander easier.
  6. Can a Dremel tool with thin cut off wheel be used to help make the above slots... With a steady hand and saftey glasses that is!
  7. Boy,if you know your old cars and parts,when the proper original style nuts and bolts R subsituted( notice how I subsituted R for are) or mis- matches, sets of fasteners ,it stands right out, especially on a so called "restored"car with a price$$$$$! I love the gents into details and take the time to search out the proper fasteners.They are serious!
  8. For many years ,I just toss new car jacks right in the trash and the baby lug nut, pry bar,and carry the smallest ,new on sale ,cheapo, 4 wheel hydraulic floor jack available and also carry the the largest X handle lug nut wrench..Older ones are better,as I've twisted and broke 2 newer ones.
  9. Anyone ever see the completely idiotic Youtube video of some A-hole with a Model T buck board truck,with it's front wheels chocked and it is running in high speed gear burning up the rear tires on the ground ,smoking and motor screaming till the rubber came off the rims. Painfull to watch..because you live in the same world..as this frog guy. There are plenty of low in smarts ,F-in hill-billy types(used in the worst possible un-pc way) watching and chearing .
  10. If your swaying off 100% original assembly methods, I would also check the nut and thread size and see if modern automotive self-locking "rod"nuts, to fit are available and if possible new rod bolts to match and fit your rods and caps.. Many a Model T and other vintage cars with rebuilt con- rods have these modern bolts and nuts and on Model T are just torqued to 35 foot pounds and they stay on! 😌
  11. I'm almost shocked that the older I get(since my 40's to over 60 now) how well the younger set respond and receive me in any situation. Probably because I'm more child like and animated then most folks of my age ,secondly ,I instinctively engage youngers in a way that is closer to their level and start off about them and it shows I'm interested ,then go on from there. I find 95% of the present day self absorb (appearing) teens and ones into their late 20's are almost starved for live interactions and behave very well. That being said,a brat is a brat and I don't feel the need to approach one and pick up on it at first sight. Pre teen kids (and animals)just love me for some reason ,maybe because I'm always willing to talk to them while the parents ignore them? .I don't mind kids or teens around( when most adults do) and will drop what ever I'm doing for" tea time" with the girls next door when invited,or show kids in the park some of my old skateboard chops ,after I see one take a spill.. Then I wipe out showing off and they love it..LOL. I never get flack or odd glares from the grown ups... I'm a lousy comunicator here,because I think your all to old for me I guess.😜 An adult should always remember a a youth is still a child and an adult is still a child and a youth combined. If you condsider yourself a 100% serious full grown adult(and there is no such thing) your in trouble. Funny that the ones who think this are usually the biggest babies about many things in the end. I have to go...Time to blow up some G.I. Joe dolls with Tommy before his dad comes home.
  12. I have an old saying. "Building a garage big and good enough that you can live in it, (first) ,because you can't park your cars in a house". Especially if funding might be an issue later on.
  13. Old style Taillight plugs being offered are only the small diameters..not large enough for most if not all that era headlamps.. The Model A headlight plugs are not even close to being usable on your Hupp's headlamp sockets as they are. If the right plugs are not coming your way and you don't want to try and make them up..but your are a bit handy with soldering and detailed minded ?, as a last resort you can install the Model A headlight bucket 3 wire sockets.(just use 2 wires) and then use all the "A" Ford head lamp connectors and conduits. You wouldn't be the first or the last!
  14. Now here's a car that on a street lined with 50 similar era ,various make vehicles,it would be the most invisable.😎
  15. After reading a bunch of online reviews..I'd pass on the place on all counts.. They always have Ebay auctions going and many car bids max out far above what sight unseen cars usually sell for these days in any condition ..They never get close to the reserve which must be no less the floor price if you vist the sight.
  16. On the '27 Chrslurp 70 ,we have be chasing hydraulic brake system leaks( off and on) for a few months now after installing.rebuilt/sleeved cylinders ,relined bands ,flex hoses etc. Most of the problems were the banjo fittings and crush washers(3 on each banjo fitting) .. With the early Lockheed system with a high mounted remote fluid reservoir tank ,it's basically a gravity bleed method of bleeding the system especially at the on.set. .The leaks show up pretty much one at a time , the worst offenders appear first .take care of it and the next one shows up a day or 2 or 3 later. The last pesky weeps were 2 bleeder valve screws on diagonal opposing wheels. The bleeder seats in the 2 wheel cylinders had a few minor pits ,cause by previous rust, across the seat faces.Gurrrr. We dreaded having to resend the 2 cylinders back out to a rebuilder and have the bleeder seats machined ,(and can see it is not the easiest thing to probably do) so we dug down deep into to our lame yet vast knowledge of sometimes horrible ,the most practical and also real nifty backyard DIY repairs for antique motor cars . What we did to address the leaking bleeder valves was to install a thin lead washer in the bleeder valve hole which conforms and seals to the bad cylinder bleeder seat under pressure of the bleeder screw which also forms a new seat for the screw rather nicely..The lead though soft enough to conform is not so soft as to squeeze out under any normal snugg tightening of a bleeder screw. And it works! We had all the materials on hand. The thin lead sheet was stock used to add weight to model railroad cars. Eary bleeder valves were most often large diameter and ours with 3/8 .We all sized of punches so we had that size and a hand held leather punch with rotating punch head. And a end- grain bock to punch out the lead washer. The beauty of the punching effect is it gives the lead washer a cup shape as the beging of the taper . Once installed several medium tightings of the bleeder valve screw you have a perfect new lead metal seat. .The 2 bleeder valve seats were repaired in less then an hour. One cylinder was off the car and visually you can see the seat job.The cylinder on the car we used super bright lights and a good hand mirror. I only bashed my head 4 times on the fender and scruffed my chin on the backing plate once. No blood was drawn during this job..
  17. Wanted : the tail lamp bezel for a round D.B.tail lamp drum style bucket, with a 4-5/16" outside diameter( or 4-5/16" plus a scant ,inside diameter bezel) to fit the od style lense shown. The screw mounting holes will be about 3-1/2" center to center and are approx 1/4" below center line of the circle.
  18. Well it all boils down to is, "I don't ( I'll include you all )give a (F) what the hell the ingorant or the entelligensia(spelling?)thinks! I think it's silly,absurd and idiotic to fool with this stuff on an any level anyway,so there is no other opinion that can make any difference to me. It is ,what it is,and to worry about others is a pure waste of time energy and spirit..even for one second. The only thing the whole old car interest and hobby is good for really ,is to kept one from learning the classical kazoo out of pure boredom.😌
  19. I'm affraid to ask!LOL. A friend,well not really a friend..but an acquaintance,aaaa,not really an acaquaintance...but a guy I have been trying to avoid for 47 years,(that's about right )has a 52 or 54 Sapphire sitting under a tarp in the yard for ten years and talks of getting it running and that it has Rolls Royce beat on a few things in many ways. I don't think so!!! Well maybe better door locks and carpet snaps or something?
  20. Those early Rolls Royce's sure do have a undeniable presence and majesty that no other make can match. I wonder if the Armstrong Siddeley cars are included a bit or looked down on from the Roll and Bee folk..even though I think Rolls obsorbed A.S. in the early 60's.? Just trying stir up some blood pressure.πŸ‘Ή
  21. For our '28 then years later '30 Hupmobuggy mechanical inside band stoppers ,we spent hours scouring modern brake return spring kits ,comparing and single non auto related spring offerings just to pick and chose, 2 from here,4 from there etc.. All were just close subsitutions that worked out O.K. It isn't easy! If you have samples to go by..you have a great start and some you may have to reuse. I don't think you will find ready 1933 listed replacements in sets or? .. .It's up to you to see what others ended up doing (which your trying to doπŸ˜“) but most of the time other's can't tell you because 95% of guys do not document these things. Standard answer is, " oh yea,we had that problem and found the parts,but I don't remember were we got them or the sizes.. I think a guy named Norm or Ted at some meet in '87 gave us a tip..but he is dead now". If there are any straight regular regular hoop and hook end springs or pressure springs McMaster Carr maybe of help and Restoration Supply.. Later 30s into the 40s Lincoln maybe 50s and 60s jobs might share some springs. I see sets like 1939- 64 Lincoln and Buick plus others on ebay with pictures..Take a look and see if any springs match? Some kits are over 50 pieces for 35.bucks!
  22. Oh! I like this one alot as it sits,if it's actually like we see..running board apron dents and all. 3 hours ride to check it....hum? 8 hour turn around on a common Ford..maybe not so interesting to me now. .Though looking for a Phaeton ,I have looked at some roadsters ,but not one has passed my tests for their price point. Unforunately photos make not so good cars look far far better then they are. The 2 roadster I traveled to see were way better in photos then what I see here (and in the ad)and had been "restored body off " in the distant past...but to not any reasonable standard of a sympathetic rebuilder ,couple that with age wear ,poor preservation and crummy maintence didn't help up close and personal.. But aleast the car here has a nice stance and hangs together well ..and near complete and no goofy b.s. here and there.πŸ˜’
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