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  1. In fine condition these cars can make a great second family car as-is, for the price. I had off and on care of an original 39, 4 door with a rebuilt engine in it,in the early 1990's. The column shift was odd to me on a prewar car with running boards but I got use to it. I drove down and back to a Hershey meet weekend from Connecticut ,55-60 MPH and it was a pleasure all the way. Not much on looks but the car was a champ and comfy.
  2. Unless your a good body man,I would avoid any new steel front fenders for the Model A. There are plenty of vary decent original fenders around . Many cast off and good fenders are more and more available from the breed of pseudo Model A hot rod builders that buy a very good car,rip off the fenders ,running boards and hood ,bolt the head lamps on the frame horns then add 16"rims. " oh look at me,I built a Model A hot rod.." Which is a car no better then a 16 year old with no skills and no money would do in 1955 with the car aunt Martha left him .
  3. Fantastic car! 7,000 doesn't bother me much if planning a keeper..6 grand even less.LOL
  4. I've seen a small number of revamped or custom cars like this before in New England. The one's I seen were used as primary vehicles of crematories or secondary vehicles of modest to better funeral homes . I) transport a corpse vehicle ,pick up or deliver ( many/most places didn't use a hearse for such duties ) 2)used as a flower car ,pick up and transport, to church or cemetary etc. 3) general hauling of sundries for the funeral home or crematory. A spare tire mounted is insignifacant to a car like this. Used mostly within city or town limits and help would be or can summoned easily ,even in 1930. The car was probably use in some other capacity after retirement and modified to suit.such as the rear box or channel iron bumper.
  5. Find a Curtiss JN "Jenny " biplane and board it in Connecticut and pay for my pilot training /license and I'll kick in 6,ooo or 7,ooo grand. Oh yeah! You pay for all the maintenance .😀
  6. Crypto girlfriend or wife any one ?
  7. Very impressive and handsome machine..Good luck with it!
  8. If the body and doors are sound and loose pins replaced..generally you add or remove shims along the body where the body bolts to the frame,as required. The shims go between the body and frame top or bewteen the body and running board apron. They need to be no less then 1/8 up to 3/16" inch thick of rubber or even hard leather. Layers of cut tire rubbing or old running board matt will do in a pinch ,you can improvise if need be. The shim shape is usually in the range of 1-1/2" ×2" square with the bolt hole on the middle. Start one bolt at a time. with rasing or lower the hinge area first at the cowl lining up the front door and work back. The cowl can be pivoted if need be or tilt fore and aft by shiming the front cowl bolt or rear bolt under the door hinge plane instead of raising the whole cowl evenly. Beware door shimming can affect the hood gap and fit. Doing a body alignment from scratch on a" frame off "you start fitting the radiator,hood and cowl line first. Often playing back and forth as you work to the back of the car..One side at a time or both.. Jusy look at the side profile of the car like is was a wavey bridge and what posts have to go up or down to make it level.. Think where the body are located and study if you raise this area or lower that to line things up. You will be tightening loosening the bolts dozens of times and they have to be reasonably TIGHT when checking the fit. Some cars may also need the hinges tweaked (shimmed at the mounts or re- align(re-bend) for best fit. Note: you may have to make some concessions and split the difference here and there. Open cars are ususlly the worst to fiddle with. Good luck! You can do it!
  9. It appears Cobalt Connecticut is purging it's vintage cars..I've seen several ads on Facebook and Craigslist of various antique cars "for sale" this past month from there. Classy car..
  10. The "Valachi Papers" 1972 movie with Charles Bronson was famous for it's anachronisms.Most notable were some late 1920's/30's period flashback ,gangster chase scenes at night and all the cars except the principal case cars on the streets being passed or passing by were modern cars.. To top it off there was a 1930 era time and car run into the river and the Twin Towers where in the back ground skyline. Many times in older lower budget movies and TV shows that showed cars rolled over,run off clifts etc.they used previously filmed recycled old stock shots of a car 5 or 10 even 15 years older getting wrecked.
  11. Wish I could have attended..I have only missed a handfull of B.T shows in 46 years.. I have always enjoyed the meet and members ,having brought cars,vended and helped with Judging in the 70',80's and early 90's as part of a mutual courtesy of another club I was a member of. Unfortunately in the past several plus years of attending ,I end up leaving distressed and depressed by the fact this an other well established meets in Connecticut, that once thrived with several hundred cars or more with great flea markets and very large spectator attendance are now just a mere fraction of their former glory. I'll be making the old Goshen meet and may vend on a smaller scale on the 22nd.. The Roaring 20's meet, at their 2nd location after leaving Southbury is also the 22nd and have no interest . I supported the move to Bethlehem by vending the first and second show there and attended once at Southington . But they have lost their MOJO..(I'm hard to please)which is not that unexpected as the hobby ,the people involved and times have changed dramtically since their inception. There might not be any formula to ever resurect these old or new meets to to the grander scale they once were at. But I'll keep going to meets(mostly ones with flea markets),if only out of my own nostagial , a pleasent ride and to enjoy the smell of blow-by and musty upholstery ,from some out dated mode of transportaion that is still lingering ,keeping up the fight to survive ,despite the odds...Like some car shows!.
  12. What is it your asking ? How to fix it,how to improve it ,how to preserve,how to arrest it? Or you just showing? Short of keeping it clean,keeping excess water away from it,keeping it out of extreme cold and heat and hot sun or moth ball the car in a dark cool dry place 24/7 365 days a year..there is not much you can do but be mindful and enjoy what you have for as long as it holds up . I've seen people glue chips back on,wick super glue under cracked edges and so..but the paint is going to slowly(some times extremely slowly if your lucky) age no matter what ,but do not let it deter your from enjoying the experience of driving the car,often! It takes some seriously thick lacquer or lacquer layers over some other paint to do whats happening with the brown! .
  13. Funny thing about the small, low rider bug ,was the owner was not close to small in the waist and neither was his very pudgy wife and neither were the 2 manly girls( couple?) that piled in it .
  14. Rarer is to see the grab handles and what really are top rests for a roadster on a coupe..Never saw that before. Everyone has a vision. Overall a very well done looking modifed "A" Ha!
  15. Once a common "any day of the week "sight in my area of Connecticut in the 70s 80s 90s.. I'm about the only one I see now (when something is up and running) .LOL
  16. While exchanging and returning incorrect parts (as usual these days at A-Z )at the local Autozone this low riding vintage bug was in the lot. Very clean and detailed and had some extra horsepower shoe -horned in it. I quessed 1962 but the not so good with spoken english owner came out and said 1960. Paint was as good as it gets and was very close to the original steering wheel plastic color..interior was black and nicely done.
  17. Our present '27 Chrysler has not been named as it has not been on the road since 1971 .When we see what it's personality is in a month or two..we will see if a name comes..Some times it take a while for it to organically happen,along whether masculine or femmine? Several past cars were just nicknamed by others and stuck. A barn type 29 Ford pick up was named "Little Black Sambo"(from the story book) shortened to "Sambo" .Not PC but a dear old black grandma of a close friend named it..so it was just fine. A 48 Chrysler became "Big Red" after a club president named it after being repainted in 10 coats of RED! free Laquer and was for ever forever present and noticable for a few years Our Whippet we called the "Toleto Vibrator" A 32 Nash was "Ms Norman."LOL. A Dodge Touring was Esmeralda. A Maxwell touring of course was "Jack"( for Jack Benny) or sometimes "Black Jack". A 29 Essex was "Uncle Maury" .
  18. While investigating a '30 , 4 banger Ford for sale,in conversation with seller ,his cousion restores/ rebuilds Chevrolets in the 1933-1935 or so range.. He is great at the wood working and in demand..He is so busy now with a 2 year waiting list for restoring for others he had to find another craftsman to do the wood working for him up to his standard . I've seen many past posts about Chevy/GM in this era asking about wood kits or who can do the wood. Here is minimum contact info. David,860-874-8734 (Early 30s Chevrolet restoration specialty) I believe in Connecticut ? with 860 area code.
  19. I've receintly looked a several 1930 era cars of older restoration to possibly buy for a nice regular driver in near turn key condition. Some were repainted incorrect colors for that particular model but the color was available on other body or deluxe models.Some were a pleasent but modern color. This was a major influance on calculating an offer especially when coupled with other distractions from authenticity and what ever the standard of previous work was and what now was needed. I can repaint my own cars but do not want to pay a price for too far out an incorrect paint scheme that may not be attractive to the next guy if I have to resell under duress. Same goes for interiors. Often these changed details are the "cats meow" to some one who made the changes and thats fine..But they shouldn't expect the same price for a more correct car in similar mechanical and overall other cosmetic conditions. One thing you see is guys put deluxe colors and upholstery( and top fabric if a convertable) in a standard cheaper model ,same year ,car ,but none of the other deluxe items like trim and fender spares,trunk racks.. etc. These cars loose there original period styling and charm for me and the (IT) factor that attracts one to a specific thing over another in a buying situation.
  20. I added a few LED shop lights to my basement workshop area as the old fluoresent bulbs die off during the past year..So I'm slowling converting to the superior brite lighting of the Leds. I have none in the garage yet..and just have to bite the bullet and buy them all at once..about 10 fixtures at minimum. I'm gonna have a couple of "floaters" to have for movable low level lighting when working under cars and for painting.. My entire life with vintage cars inside, I absolutely never had enough light. I love LED lighting when atmospheres like in a warm living space isn't required .Theu are brite for automobile lighting but NOT for vintage headlamps with refectors..They appear brite at the lamps but do not throw and project the light forward very well for some reason.I guess due to no ability of filament focusing.?
  21. Comming up , The next installment of, "How The Wheels Turn" Our story today starts with a decaration that I will admit, when it comes to resleeving these hydraulic cylinders or master cylinders,to prove how much an idiot I really am,in my thoughts of how they do the job is they clean and bore out the casting to receive a SOLID bushing that is pressed in.Then they bore and hone the sleeve to the correct size. Boy am I dumb! After some study from the first cylinder problem,I'm 99.9% sure they are boring the cylinder just enough to fit a sleeve made of a specific thicknees from flat sheet rolled to shape or a premade tubing stock that is larger and they cut away some to reform a small diameter as required,then press it in,dress the ends ,then only hone it..The sleeve it self is not bored straight true! In my previous pictures and later ones you easily see the seam and 1 or more paralle lines that I bet are part of the reforming the sleeve to a smaller diameter. It's it or miss whether the bore comes out round and true (enough) with these marks or that the seam joint is good enough where the 2 edges meet to hold a seal. Monday when I called, I didn't get the regular guy with a bit of accent,but a younger happy fellow who when I said the cylinder is defective,he eagerly said "oh! just send it back ,with a note of the problem", like we get them sent back all the time attitilude and why drag out a phone discussion. Our program today is brought to you by , "The Miracle Car Company" Remember folks! If it's a good car,it's a Miracle!
  22. Just about every major city in America that has any type of manufacturing within it will have a bearing supplier..2 to several for a very large city . Those bearings are sitting on a shelf someplace.. Let your fingers do the walking.If you could use a phone book back in the old days,they can walk just as well on a smart phone ,PC,Laptop or Ipad key board or pad.That sesrch will pull more then your local phonebook ever did or what this forum could. .Bearing Suppliers, Industrial Bearing Suppliers, or automotive bearings and roller bearings are key search words . Good luck.
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